Saturday, September 17, 2022

Habang Nagre-Renovate, May Nahukay Silang Bata na 140 Years na Palang Nakabaon sa Bahay!

7:57 PM

How well do you know your own home? Even though they practically live in it every day, most homeowners do not know the history of their houses. Sometimes, they only uncover the history of their house when they undergo a renovation. This is precisely the case of Ericka Karner from California, United States, who discovered something unbelievable in her home.

According to a report published in Rachfeed, Karner wanted to renovate her home in San Francisco. So, she hired a couple of workers to get the work started. However, their construction work was halted after making a big discovery in Ericka's home! While digging the concrete floor, the workers unearthed a small coffin.

Inside the small coffin was the body of a toddler. At first, the homeowner and the workers were shocked at this discovery. Ever Ericka did not know that there was a child buried underneath her home. But history will soon unravel the mystery surrounding the child.

According to NTD Television, the child's identity remained a mystery at first, so they named her 'Miranda.' Soon enough, Miranda's identity was unraveled. After a year of reviewing old records dating back to the 1800s, they were finally able to solve the mystery.

The non-profit organization called Garden of Innocence identified the body as that of Edith Howard Cook, who was 2 years and 10 months when she passed away. According to the medical records, Edith, who was the first-born of an affluent couple, passed away due to severe malnourishment way back on October 13, 1876.

Edith's identity was confirmed through a DNA test. But how did her body end up in Ericka's home? Apparently, in the past, the land where Ericka's house was built used to be the Odd Fellows Cemetery. In the 1930s, the bodies were relocated, but it seems like Edith's coffin was missed.

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Fans, Nagulat sa No-Makeup Transformation ni Jennylyn Mercado

1:36 AM

Celebrities are always in the public's eye. Wherever they go, they are followed with cameras everywhere which create immense pressure to always look, but not necessarily feel, their best. Because of this, you rarely see other stars reveal their natural, no-makeup face in public. But Jennylyn Mercado is not just another celebrity.

No doubt, Jennylyn Mercado is one of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry. Her fans have witnessed Jen bloom from a girl-next-door to a mature woman. Now, at 32 years old and a mother of one, Jennylyn is still as beautiful as ever!

Just recently, the Kapuso actress decided to show her bare face in a collaboration with Preview magazine. In an episode of 'Barefaced Beauty,' the 32-year-old actress proudly flaunted her bare face in front of the camera. As Jen warned, her face is truly different without makeup.

"Magugulat kayo iba yung itsura ko pag walang make-up."

As you may well know, Jennylyn is currently working on the remake of the hit Korean series "Descendants of the Sun." Because of their endless shooting, Jen is always wearing makeup almost 24/7, so taking them off is really a huge relief.

According to Jen, in order to maintain her youthful glow, she only uses organic skincare products on her face. She doesn't like using harsh chemicals, as they react strongly against her sensitive skin. In the video, she used coconut oil to remove her heavy makeup.

As expected, Jen looked as if she's years younger without heavy makeup on. Indeed, one can only wish to achieve her glass-like skin, which is also the product of years of carefully-prepped skincare regime.

Watch her bare-faced beauty challenge below:

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Babae Mula sa Vietnam, Hindi Inakalang Russian Millionaire Pala ang Online Boyfriend Niya!

12:43 AM

Nowadays, dating has never been easier. Thanks to social media and dating apps, your love interest is just a few clicks away. In fact, more and more people are resorting online to find their lifetime partner. This is also where this Vietnamese woman and her husband met, but she did not expect that her husband has a great secret!

Nguyen Van Anh is a woman of beauty and intelligence. Van Anh is known in their place as a 'school flower,' after winning many beauty pageants in Hanoi University of Technology in Vietnam. Indeed, any man will be lucky to have Van Anh's hand in marriage.

For some reason, Van Ahn decided to search for her love online. It did not take her long enough to find a Russian man whom she felt a unique connection with. They became online lovers for 10 months, and eventually, Van Ahn and her lover decided to take their relationship to the next level and finally tie the knot.

At first, Van Ahn's parents were disapproving of their union. Her parents were worried, and they don't want their daughter to marry off with a guy she just met online. It took months for Van Ahn to convince her parents to let her fly from Vietnam to Russia to meet the man of her dreams.

Finally, her parents relented and Van Ahn and her lover were able to meet in person. Van Ahn was shocked after finding out that her boyfriend is actually a Russian millionaire! Despite his wealthy status, he did not reveal any of this to Van Ahn when they were still online dating.

In April 2017, the two wed in a lavish ceremony held on a five-star hotel. According to Goodtimes, the ceremony allegedly cost more than 1 billion Vietnamese dollars, all paid for by Van Ahn's wealthy husband. Now, the two online lovers are finally married and settled with two kids of their own!

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Friday, September 16, 2022

Dr. Vicki Belo Ipinaliwanag kung bakit ang apilyedo ng anak na si Scarlet ay Belo at hindi Kho

8:44 PM

Dr. Vicki Belo Explains Why Scarlet Is A Belo, And Not A Kho: 'Daddy Promised' 

Celebrity dermatologist and mom Dr. Vicki Belo is known to call her endorsers, including her family members, her “Belo babies,” but she says that only Scarlet Snow Belo is her real Belo Baby.

In her interview on YouTube with vlogger and manager Ogie Diaz, Vicki reveals that Scarlet was actually a request from her then partner and now husband, Dr. Hayden Kho. “Si Scarlet, hiningi ko ‘yan kay Hayden, eh. I told Hayden, can I have a Belo baby?”

While the famed doctor to the stars has always called her celebrity clients her Belo babies, she never had a real Belo baby, because her children carry her ex-husband’s last name. And she actually asked Hayden for consent if Scarlet could carry her last name.

“Hindi alam ng tao na I told him, ‘Hayden, can I have a Belo baby? I don't have a real Belo baby because my Quark and Cristalle are Henares... namiss ko childhood ng mga anak ko. I was in medical school. I missed their zero to six [years old]."

When Vicki and Hayden got married, Hayden mentioned his intention to add the Kho name into Scarlet’s official name.

Vicki says, “When we got married, Hayden said, ano, Kho na ‘tong si Scarlet? Hindi! Sabi mo sa’kin Belo Baby, so Belo baby forever!” Vicki shares that sometimes, Scarlet would be the one to add Kho to her name, but in her birth certificate and all other legal documents, it’s all Belo.

Scarlet has always been aware of her name, even back in 2017, when Vicki posted this adorable video of Scarlet on her Instagram account, with Scarlet exclaiming that she was just “Scarlet Belo ONLY!” when her dad Hayden suggested to include his last name into her name.

You will hear in the background that Vicki says, “Because Daddy promised, right?” And Hayden is a father who keeps his word!

Angkas Rider, Nanlumo Matapos Ipa-Cancel ng Customer ang P7K Order

6:32 PM

During the coronavirus pandemic, most ride-hailing apps were suspended as per the enhanced community quarantine guidelines. In spite of this, the ride-hailing app Angkas is still providing service during the coronavirus outbreak. But this time, instead of offering rides, they are offering to buy goods and groceries for the people who can't get out of home.

By doing this, Angkas is not only suffering from a massive loss of profit, but they are also risking the lives of their driver for the sake of other people's service. At this time, you would think that people will appreciate Angkas' service. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

Earlier this week, an Angkas driver gained the sympathy of the people on social media after a failed order. On a Facebook post, a concerned citizen shared the heartbreaking incident that happened to this Angkas driver, which resulted in him losing almost Php 7,000.

According to the post, the Angkas driver bought Php 7000-worth of medicines and groceries at Mercury Drug Store.

Since the order was cash-on-delivery, the driver will be receiving the payment after delivering it to the customer. However, after he was done with the purchase, the customer canceled the order!

This left the Angkas driver with more than Php7000-worth of goods that nobody wants to buy. In the photos, you can see the disappointment of the driver, who had no idea how he was going to take the items back. He tried to return it to Mercury drug, but due to their policies, they can no longer refund the items.

As expected, many netizens were enraged with the customer who canceled the order. Some are even calling for a permanent ban to customers who cancel orders, in order to save the time and effort of our Angkas drivers.

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Hindi Makapaniwala ang Mag-Asawang ito sa Napulot Nilang Bola sa Dagat!

2:05 AM

Nature never ceases to wonder. Everywhere in the world, many amazing things are yet to be discovered by humankind. Nature can turn even the simplest thing into an object of wonder. You don't have to trust our word for it! Just take a look at this amazing basketball that truly doesn't happy every day, and you will surely appreciate nature.

This amazing thing occurred to a couple from Poole, Dorset. Couple Annie and Ian Gilbert only wanted to fish on a fine sunny day. However, instead of bringing home their catch, this couple did not expect that they will be catching the most bizarre thing hiding in the water!

While they're on the island of Wight, they accidentally stumbled upon a basketball. While submerged in the water, the ball looked just like any simple basketball. However, once they finally lifted it up, what they saw underneath the ball truly amazed them!

I'm certain you've never seen anything like it before. When they lifted it up, Annie and Gilbert were shocked to see that half of the ball was already covered in oysters! The oysters formed what looked like a massive dress below the ball.

It seems like the mysterious ball has spent a long time floating in the water, which explains the infestation of oysters.

Annie and Gilbert knew that it's not every day that you get to see such an amazing thing. So, they decided to take photos of the bizarre ball and share it on social media. Many people were also amazed to see what nature can truly do.

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Julia Barretto binasag na ang katahimikan at may inamin sa breakup issue nila ni Gerald Anderson

11:40 PM

After weeks of keeping mum on rumors surrounding her relationship with actor Gerald Anderson, actress Julia Barretto has broken her silence to address their supposed breakup.

Barretto was asked about her current status with Anderson in an interview with Karen Davila, published on the news anchor’s YouTube vlog on Thursday. 

“Sa news, every month, that’s the situation,” she said, referring to their alleged separation. “No, we haven’t broken up. I think that’s a sign na we’re really able to protect our relationship and keep it private.”

Barretto and Anderson’s relationship became the subject of speculation in August, when rumors romantically linking the actor with his movie co-star, Kylie Padilla, circulated on social media.

Padilla was quick to deny any romantic ties with her leading man. Anderson, meanwhile, made light of the rumors when asked for his reaction by TV host Ogie Diaz, saying that they will have to wait nine months, referring to the allegation that Padilla is pregnant.

Barretto, in her interview with Davila, said Anderson has her complete trust.

“I don’t think I’ll get into a relationship with somebody na I don’t trust. I do trust him and he shows me that every single day, there’s just no reason for me to doubt,” she said.

The “Expensive Candy” star also described their relationship as “serious,” explaining that the “sense of security” Anderson provides sets him apart from her past partners.

“His kindness has really grounded me and has really motivated me to become a better person. He’s created such a safe and healthy environment in my life. I feel good,” she said.

Asked whether they intend to get married soon, Barretto answered: “I don’t think that’s up to me. I think that’ll come at the right time. But I do feel very secure in the relationship that we have, and I’m really happy. I don’t have anything to worry about.”

Laking gulat ng lalaking ito nang maabutan ang dalawang tuta kasama ang isang cobra sa abandonadong balon!

11:30 PM

If you stumble upon two puppies with a King Cobra, also known as the world's most formidable snake, what do you think would happen next? Surely, your instinct would be to run away since you'd think there's no way this scene would end up well!

However, when this man from India chanced upon the exact same scene described above, he did not run away! As a matter of fact, it's like he was glued on the spot, waiting to find out what would happen next.

It started when the man heard barking but could not see dogs anywhere! He followed the sound and it let him to an old pit. Of course, he peered in. It did not surprise him to find two cute puppies waiting for rescue below!

What he did not expect was that the puppies weren't alone. They were actually down in the well with a King Cobra!

But this is the most astounding part: no matter how many minutes and hours past, the snake seemed to have no plans of bothering the puppies and turning them into dinner!

Furthermore, when help finally arrived 48 years later, authorities found out that the snake was actually protecting the puppies, and making sure they didn't wander off to the more troubling corners of the well!

The cobra even made way for the dogs' rescue! Finding it hard to believe all this? Well, luckily the man filmed his rare find.

Watch the whole video here!

"Pera Na Sinayang Pa!" Alamin ang Ginawa ng Mag-asawang Ito Matapos Makahanap ng Kalahating Bilyong Piso sa Biniling Storage Unit!

11:07 PM

This couple hit the jackpot when they purchased a storage unit. At first, it seemed kinda pricey at $500. However, what they found inside made all of it worth it! If you're familiar with "Storage Wars," then you probably know the feeling of half-expecting, half-hoping that one of those storage units turn out to be housing some sweet treasure chest! However, it almost never happens.

It all changed when this lady approached Dan Dotson to inform him that one of the guys (this lady's husband, actually) opened the storage unit to find something that could easily be the answer to all his needs and wants in this life. What did he find? Well, it's $7.5 Million Dollars in cold cash!

The couple could have easily retired comfortably with such a huge sum of money, but they just couldn't help but be sorry for the person on the other end, who will end up losing that money they just found!

Here's the impressive thing, when the original unit's owner called the couple up to negotiate a deal, they were all ears. If it were you, would you even pick up the phone if you knew the other person would ask for the money back?

Finders, keepers, right? This couple had more scruples than that. Still, they did not walk away empty-handed! The original owners actually struck up a pretty sweet deal, that made sure it was a win-win situation for everyone.

First, they offered the couple $600,000 compensation if they give the whole amount back. Not bad, right-- considering their only investment in that unit is $500? But then again, the owners jacked up the deal to $1.2 Million, doubling the original amount they offered!

Dan Dotson believed the couple did not only the right thing, but the smart thing! He reckoned if someone wouldn't pay the small price of renting out a storage unit so much so that they'd have it auctioned off with their millions of dollars still inside, the money could be dirty money after all!

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Biyuda Ayaw Sagutin Ang Bumbay Na Manliligaw, Bakit Kaya? Alamin!

9:52 PM

Before Erning departed, he made a promise to his wife Marie. Bed-ridden with a terminal illness, Erning said on his last breath, "Take care of the kids, Marie. Remember, I will always be with you until the end." With those parting words, Erning peacefully departed.

Years later, Marie had to raise her two kids alone. As a single mother, she needs to work extra harder so she sells tocino on the side. Every day, she is thankful because her neighbors buy all of her products.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.

An man this is certainly indian Dan has brought a taste to Marie. He offers to help her, but Marie constantly refuses his offer. Every, Dan goes on Marie's house and talks together with her children day. Fundamentally, Marie found by herself falling for Dan.
Despite the fact that Dan has an taste that is odd clothes, one cannot deny that he is good looking. He's only 2 yrs more than Marie, that is 33 years of age. Quickly enough, the widow allowed Dan to court her. It did not take very long before they certainly were already a few! Also Marie's young ones adored Dan with regards to their mommy.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.

One day, Marie was surprised when Dan brought his parents. He has a big announcement to make, so they went inside the house and talked. "Marie, for so long I wanted to reveal my real identity to you. I am only a money-lender here in the Philippines, but back in India, I came from a very wealthy family. Let me introduce you to my parents."