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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Insensitive Employers Let Maid Watch While They Eat At The Mall

12:30 AM

The problem with rich people sometimes is that they feel so highly of themselves. They wouldn’t allow themselves to eat at the same table as their servants. A netizen witnessed this discrimination firsthand and decided to take a photo of it.

Entitled People

There is no denying that housemaids are often victims of maltreatment and discrimination, both here and abroad. Blame it on tradition or their sense of entitlement, many employers feel that just because they pay the maids a hefty salary, they have also earned the right to humiliate them and treat them badly.

Not to generalize, but there are many employers who think so highly of themselves and so lowly of their maids. They treat them without respect and often humiliate them in front of people.


In a post shared on Facebook by netizen Cey Budomo, he was at the mall when he saw a family eating at a restaurant. What caught his attention and caused him to seethe in anger was the fact that the family was earnestly eating while their housemaid was made to sit beside them and watch them eat.

We Filipinos are very hospitable and we highly value our Ethics and the way we treat other people. So, Budomo was aghast when he saw that the maid was left to watch and were not given any food while her employers are munching their meals.

Sound Advice

In his post, the irate netizen advised those people who have housemaids to treat their employees humanely and with kindness. He said that if the employers don’t intend to feed the maid, then it would be better not to allow them to join the table, for etiquette’s sake.

And for those people who just couldn’t treat their housemaids kindly, it would be better not to hire one. Because housemaids, poor as they are, are still human beings and deserve to be treated as such.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

"Beauty and brains"- Shamcey Supsup, Ipinasilip ang Kanyang Nakakalulang Grades Dati

10:22 AM

As the old adage goes, your education is the only thing that can never be stolen from you. Wherever you go, you will take your knowledge with you and your education can be your stepping stone in life. Because of its significance, no wonder why many students are really motivated to finish their studies with flying colors.

Among those hardworking students is Shamcey Supsup. Shamcey is more popularly known for her contributions in the pageantry industry. Way back in 2011, Shamcey Supsup became Philippines' representative in the Miss Universe pageant. She placed 3rd runner on the competition.

But aside from her charismatic looks and witty banter in Miss Universe, did you know that Shamcey Supsup is also recognized for her intelligence? Yes, you read that right! Shamcey is not only a beautiful woman, but she's also incredibly smart and talented.

As a matter of fact, Shamcey has a degree in architecture at the University of the Philippines. But Shamcey didn't achieve this easily. In a recent post on Instagram, the former beauty queen revealed that her academic journey was not easy.

On Instagram, Shamcey posted her transcript of records in college. While her grades were truly impressive, Shamcey revealed that she was also very grade-conscious. According to the beauty queen, back in those days, she cared more about her grades than her actual learning in class.

Shamcey also has insightful advice for those students who are also grade-conscious like her. According to Shamcey, above all, you must strive for balance not only in your academic life but in your personal life as well.

"But now, I am more than certain that grades are not everything. Grades should be a byproduct of learning. And what you do with that knowledge is MUCH more important than what is on your report card."

How about you, are you also grade conscious like Shamcey? We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook

Friday, September 16, 2022

Angkas Rider, Nanlumo Matapos Ipa-Cancel ng Customer ang P7K Order

6:32 PM

During the coronavirus pandemic, most ride-hailing apps were suspended as per the enhanced community quarantine guidelines. In spite of this, the ride-hailing app Angkas is still providing service during the coronavirus outbreak. But this time, instead of offering rides, they are offering to buy goods and groceries for the people who can't get out of home.

By doing this, Angkas is not only suffering from a massive loss of profit, but they are also risking the lives of their driver for the sake of other people's service. At this time, you would think that people will appreciate Angkas' service. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

Earlier this week, an Angkas driver gained the sympathy of the people on social media after a failed order. On a Facebook post, a concerned citizen shared the heartbreaking incident that happened to this Angkas driver, which resulted in him losing almost Php 7,000.

According to the post, the Angkas driver bought Php 7000-worth of medicines and groceries at Mercury Drug Store.

Since the order was cash-on-delivery, the driver will be receiving the payment after delivering it to the customer. However, after he was done with the purchase, the customer canceled the order!

This left the Angkas driver with more than Php7000-worth of goods that nobody wants to buy. In the photos, you can see the disappointment of the driver, who had no idea how he was going to take the items back. He tried to return it to Mercury drug, but due to their policies, they can no longer refund the items.

As expected, many netizens were enraged with the customer who canceled the order. Some are even calling for a permanent ban to customers who cancel orders, in order to save the time and effort of our Angkas drivers.

Do you also think Angkas should impose stricter regulations to avoid incidents like this in the future? We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Viral sa Social Media and Isang Estudyanteng na Kumakain na Suka at Toyo lang ang Ulam

9:49 PM

Sa paaralan ng Butuan City, isang grade-5 na batang estudyante na kumakain sa labas ng paaralan at sa likod lang ng puno ng kahoy kumakain ng kaniyang pananghalian, umani ng samo't-saring reaksyon sa social media.

Ayon pa sa nag-upload ng mga larawan na si Fhieljoy Valdez Curiba sa kaniyang Facebook post at sinabi niyang nagtataka siya kung bakit ito kumakain sa labas ng kanilang paaralan at nasa likod pa sa punong kahoy ito kumakain.

Ayon pa ni Curiba parang nadudurog daw ang kaniyang dibdib ng makita niyang toyo at suka lang ang ulam ng bata at kaya daw sa labas lang ito kumakain dahil baka daw nahihiya lang ito sa kaniyang mga kaklase dahil sa kaniyang ulam.
"Nag sakit akong dughan nakakita aning bataa nalabyan nku daplin kalsada naniudto,,nagpalayo tawn siya sa ilang eskwelahan nagkaon kay maulaw tingale siya sa iyang sud an."

[Sumasakit ang dibdib ko ng makita ko ang batang to sa tabi ng kalsada na kumakain sa kaniyang pananghalian, nagpakalayo sa kaniyang paaralan dahil baka nahihiya siya sa kaniyang ulam.]

Gusto sana ni Curiba na bilhan ng ulam ang bata pero wala daw siyang nakitang karenderya sa paligid kaya tinatanong niya nalang ang bata kung ano ang pangalan pero hindi ito kumibo at tila nahihiya ito sa kaniya.

"..nag lingi lingi ko kung naay tindahan namaligya ug sud an kay akong palitan wala man sad tawn nagbaligya, pangutana nku unsay pangalan dili mn mutingog kay naulaw, nag duko intawn nagkaon"

[Napalingon ako sa paligid baka merong nagbebenta ng ulam pero wala akong nakitang karenderya. Gusto ko sana siyang bilhan. Tinatanong ko nalang kung ano ang pangalan niya pero hindi siya sumagot at nakayuko lang habang kumakain.]

Maraming netizen ang naaawa sa batang estudyante lalo na yung ibang nakakaranas nito noong sila ay bata pa.

Wala pang isang araw ang facebook post ni Curiba pero mabilis itong kumalat at ang bata ay umani ng papuri mula sa mga netizen.

Ito naman ang kanilang naging kumento:

Hindi hadlang ang kahirapan sa buhay para huminto sa pag-aaral; yan ang pangatnig ni ElChapo Parzival sa kaniyang kumento sa post.

Pinay OFW na sumasayaw sa Tiktok kasama ang kanyang amo, patok sa netizens!

7:56 AM

Being an overseas Filipino worker takes a lot bravery and toughness. It is the kind of job where a lot of uncertainties comes in, such as am I going to have a good and decent employee? Or can I even bear the homesickness? Would I be able to survive the whole different out there?

And many many more.

And what is more risky is that beyond the doubts and the fear, once you got your ticket scheduled and your VISA approved, there is no way you can get back from your home in the Philippines, no matter how ugly the terms can get.

Thankfully, still many kind hearted employees are trying to erase the notion that working on a different country is a suicide mission.

Just like @tatzie_17's case, an OFW who shares her fun and adorable moment online with her "amo", a cheerful lady who often photo bombs on her selfies and joins dancing with her on Tiktok.

When a netizen named Shery Rose posted her Tiktok clip with her employer dancing to Tala on her Facebook account, many were happy that she landed on a good employer that cares for her will being genuinely. She even uploaded a video where her employer was holding a baby while still dancing along with @tatzie_17 on Tiktok.

It seems like @tatzie_17 and her employer have a such a good relationship and she might never felt homesick because the lady treats her like a family.

Meanwhile the netizens just let out a big #SanaALL #SanaLahat after witnessing the admirable bond she have with her employer, wishing that they would be under an equally chill and nice person like her.

Have you experienced working abroad? What was your unforgettable experience with your employer and the things you learned while coping up with their tradition? We would like to hear those kind of stories from you! Share us in the comment section below!


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