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"Pera Na Sinayang Pa!" Alamin ang Ginawa ng Mag-asawang Ito Matapos Makahanap ng Kalahating Bilyong Piso sa Biniling Storage Unit!

11:07 PM

This couple hit the jackpot when they purchased a storage unit. At first, it seemed kinda pricey at $500. However, what they found inside made all of it worth it! If you're familiar with "Storage Wars," then you probably know the feeling of half-expecting, half-hoping that one of those storage units turn out to be housing some sweet treasure chest! However, it almost never happens.

It all changed when this lady approached Dan Dotson to inform him that one of the guys (this lady's husband, actually) opened the storage unit to find something that could easily be the answer to all his needs and wants in this life. What did he find? Well, it's $7.5 Million Dollars in cold cash!

The couple could have easily retired comfortably with such a huge sum of money, but they just couldn't help but be sorry for the person on the other end, who will end up losing that money they just found!

Here's the impressive thing, when the original unit's owner called the couple up to negotiate a deal, they were all ears. If it were you, would you even pick up the phone if you knew the other person would ask for the money back?

Finders, keepers, right? This couple had more scruples than that. Still, they did not walk away empty-handed! The original owners actually struck up a pretty sweet deal, that made sure it was a win-win situation for everyone.

First, they offered the couple $600,000 compensation if they give the whole amount back. Not bad, right-- considering their only investment in that unit is $500? But then again, the owners jacked up the deal to $1.2 Million, doubling the original amount they offered!

Dan Dotson believed the couple did not only the right thing, but the smart thing! He reckoned if someone wouldn't pay the small price of renting out a storage unit so much so that they'd have it auctioned off with their millions of dollars still inside, the money could be dirty money after all!

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Biyuda Ayaw Sagutin Ang Bumbay Na Manliligaw, Bakit Kaya? Alamin!

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Before Erning departed, he made a promise to his wife Marie. Bed-ridden with a terminal illness, Erning said on his last breath, "Take care of the kids, Marie. Remember, I will always be with you until the end." With those parting words, Erning peacefully departed.

Years later, Marie had to raise her two kids alone. As a single mother, she needs to work extra harder so she sells tocino on the side. Every day, she is thankful because her neighbors buy all of her products.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.

An man this is certainly indian Dan has brought a taste to Marie. He offers to help her, but Marie constantly refuses his offer. Every, Dan goes on Marie's house and talks together with her children day. Fundamentally, Marie found by herself falling for Dan.
Despite the fact that Dan has an taste that is odd clothes, one cannot deny that he is good looking. He's only 2 yrs more than Marie, that is 33 years of age. Quickly enough, the widow allowed Dan to court her. It did not take very long before they certainly were already a few! Also Marie's young ones adored Dan with regards to their mommy.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.

One day, Marie was surprised when Dan brought his parents. He has a big announcement to make, so they went inside the house and talked. "Marie, for so long I wanted to reveal my real identity to you. I am only a money-lender here in the Philippines, but back in India, I came from a very wealthy family. Let me introduce you to my parents."

Viral sa Social Media and Isang Estudyanteng na Kumakain na Suka at Toyo lang ang Ulam

9:49 PM

Sa paaralan ng Butuan City, isang grade-5 na batang estudyante na kumakain sa labas ng paaralan at sa likod lang ng puno ng kahoy kumakain ng kaniyang pananghalian, umani ng samo't-saring reaksyon sa social media.

Ayon pa sa nag-upload ng mga larawan na si Fhieljoy Valdez Curiba sa kaniyang Facebook post at sinabi niyang nagtataka siya kung bakit ito kumakain sa labas ng kanilang paaralan at nasa likod pa sa punong kahoy ito kumakain.

Ayon pa ni Curiba parang nadudurog daw ang kaniyang dibdib ng makita niyang toyo at suka lang ang ulam ng bata at kaya daw sa labas lang ito kumakain dahil baka daw nahihiya lang ito sa kaniyang mga kaklase dahil sa kaniyang ulam.
"Nag sakit akong dughan nakakita aning bataa nalabyan nku daplin kalsada naniudto,,nagpalayo tawn siya sa ilang eskwelahan nagkaon kay maulaw tingale siya sa iyang sud an."

[Sumasakit ang dibdib ko ng makita ko ang batang to sa tabi ng kalsada na kumakain sa kaniyang pananghalian, nagpakalayo sa kaniyang paaralan dahil baka nahihiya siya sa kaniyang ulam.]

Gusto sana ni Curiba na bilhan ng ulam ang bata pero wala daw siyang nakitang karenderya sa paligid kaya tinatanong niya nalang ang bata kung ano ang pangalan pero hindi ito kumibo at tila nahihiya ito sa kaniya.

"..nag lingi lingi ko kung naay tindahan namaligya ug sud an kay akong palitan wala man sad tawn nagbaligya, pangutana nku unsay pangalan dili mn mutingog kay naulaw, nag duko intawn nagkaon"

[Napalingon ako sa paligid baka merong nagbebenta ng ulam pero wala akong nakitang karenderya. Gusto ko sana siyang bilhan. Tinatanong ko nalang kung ano ang pangalan niya pero hindi siya sumagot at nakayuko lang habang kumakain.]

Maraming netizen ang naaawa sa batang estudyante lalo na yung ibang nakakaranas nito noong sila ay bata pa.

Wala pang isang araw ang facebook post ni Curiba pero mabilis itong kumalat at ang bata ay umani ng papuri mula sa mga netizen.

Ito naman ang kanilang naging kumento:

Hindi hadlang ang kahirapan sa buhay para huminto sa pag-aaral; yan ang pangatnig ni ElChapo Parzival sa kaniyang kumento sa post.

Pinay OFW na sumasayaw sa Tiktok kasama ang kanyang amo, patok sa netizens!

7:56 AM

Being an overseas Filipino worker takes a lot bravery and toughness. It is the kind of job where a lot of uncertainties comes in, such as am I going to have a good and decent employee? Or can I even bear the homesickness? Would I be able to survive the whole different out there?

And many many more.

And what is more risky is that beyond the doubts and the fear, once you got your ticket scheduled and your VISA approved, there is no way you can get back from your home in the Philippines, no matter how ugly the terms can get.

Thankfully, still many kind hearted employees are trying to erase the notion that working on a different country is a suicide mission.

Just like @tatzie_17's case, an OFW who shares her fun and adorable moment online with her "amo", a cheerful lady who often photo bombs on her selfies and joins dancing with her on Tiktok.

When a netizen named Shery Rose posted her Tiktok clip with her employer dancing to Tala on her Facebook account, many were happy that she landed on a good employer that cares for her will being genuinely. She even uploaded a video where her employer was holding a baby while still dancing along with @tatzie_17 on Tiktok.

It seems like @tatzie_17 and her employer have a such a good relationship and she might never felt homesick because the lady treats her like a family.

Meanwhile the netizens just let out a big #SanaALL #SanaLahat after witnessing the admirable bond she have with her employer, wishing that they would be under an equally chill and nice person like her.

Have you experienced working abroad? What was your unforgettable experience with your employer and the things you learned while coping up with their tradition? We would like to hear those kind of stories from you! Share us in the comment section below!


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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

KC Conception, binash ng mga netizens na hindi nagustuhan ang hugis ng kanyang katawan

11:15 PM

Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion, also known as KC Conception is a Filipino actress and singer and have countlessly proved to the public that she is worth of the nation's love and support with her natural wit and precious talents. She is also the daughter of the former couple, actor Gabby Conception and Megastar Sharon Cuneta, which made her become the instant nation's darling the moment she was born.

It was because of her parents' successful career, especially her mother who have such a large fanbase way back in the 1980s.

KC had bloomed into a fine and elegant lady and the everyone witnessed her grow as a person and as a woman.

And now that the actress is fully an adult, the megastar's eldest daughter seemed to be shifting her career to another path as she is now starting to become more bold and sexy, very far from the refined and quite conservative KC we first knew.

However, it was not something to be worried of according to her parents, who were in fact on full support of the singer's decisions in life.

And because of this, she also started uploading Tiktok videos to grace off her good dancing skills while showcasing a little bit more of her skin, which her fans loved so much.

But apparently, some people are really either hard to please, or just love to put someone's spirit down.

On her recent video that is meant to cheer up her frontliner fans, KC made a fun and carefree video hoping to atleast ease their stress away even for a short period of time.

She even brought along her pet dog but the bashers quickly dismissed the singer's effort by attacking her body shape and her "figureless" shape.

A lot of hate comments were also thrown towards KC but the actress were as quick as the thunderbolt to ignore negativity, which gave a good relief to her fans.

What does Sharon's comment regarding the hateful and snarky remarks towards her "baby number 1"? Just like KC, the megastar does not want to entertain any bad vibes and just chooses to continue supporting her daughter on her every milestone in life. What can you say about this story? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below!



This Jeepney Driver Earned Praise From Netizens After Giving A Free Ride To All His Senior Citizen Passenger

9:15 PM

If you think that all drivers are of no good, you are definitely wrong. It's pretty hard to believe this because of those issues and incidents they're involved but there are still some good drivers that exist. This driver definitely proves that not all drivers are the same and can do good to others, especially on their passengers.

Recently, a netizen shared the story behind the viral photo of a senior citizen inside a public jeepney on the Facebook page of Billy Crawford.

Stated in the caption of the post, the senior citizen was paying her fare when the driver asked her if she’s a senior citizen and who she’s with. When the passenger told him that she’s alone and that she’s a senior, the jeepney driver immediately returned the fare that confused her. When the passenger asked, the driver simply said that he does it to senior citizens.

The conversation goes like this:

Lola: Bayad ho
Jeepney driver: Señior citizen ho kayo?
Lola: oho.
Jeepney driver: May kasama ho kayo?
Lola: wala ho
Jeepney driver: *returning back the money to the old lady* Wag na ho kayo magbayad
Lola: Ha? Bakit?
Jeepney driver: *smiling* Kung wala po kayong kasama kahit ilan pa kayong señior citizen dito sa jeep ko basta hindi kayo magkakilala, nililibre ko. Ang sarap kaya tumulong. Para pag tanda ko, meron din tutulong sa akin!

Netizens shared their admiration and ended up praising the driver. Some also claimed that they were inspired by him.

The said post garnered 202k mixed reactions, 13,676 shares and 7.8k comments as of writing.

Meanwhile, another photo went extremely viral online wherein behind the seat of the driver, a cardboard along with the words: “SA LAHAT PONG SENIOR LIBRE NA PO KAYO.”

What can you say about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Viral Department

Boyfriend Nadulas! Ibang Pangalan ang Nabanggit Habang Kausap si Girlfriend!

9:04 PM

How would you feel if your significant other refers to you with the wrong name when you're alone together? Well, what about if he does it on national TV with millions watching? I bet there's going to be a long, heated discussion when the two of you gets home, right?

But when it happened on the popular set of Wowowin, at least we all could get a big laugh out of it! You know how Kuya Wil does it-- he asks contestants who went with them to the studio, and then asks whoever it is to dedicate a message for their loved one. This scene wasn't any different. Cris was a contestant for Willie of Fortune, and her beloved boyfriend went to support him in the studio.

Instead of being all tender and romantic, though, the guy's message became all sorts of confusing and hilarious. That's because this poor lad mentioned the wrong name in his dedication to the contestant! He ought to have called her Cris, which was her real name, but he ended up blurting a different name: "Michelle."

Of course, everybody wanted to know who "Michelle" was, and Kuya Wil was only too happy to oblige. He didn't really mind extending a few minutes to get the whole story here. I mean, who wouldn't? So the guy started to explain, in between laughs, which just made the situation even funnier for everyone on studio, and surely for everyone watching at home, too!

It might be a little concerning to some, though, especially when the young man revealed that "Michelle" was actually his friend's wife! He couldn't answer why he blurted out that name, though! Well, we could always blame it on the nerves associated with being in front of the camera, but would you really make a mistake in saying your girlfriend's name?

Whatever it is, though, I'm sure Cris and Michelle got the whole story straight when they left the studio and arrived home! Talk about awkward, though, right?

Watch the full segment here:

Source: GMA

Kahit Kasal Na Ay Ayaw pa rin Makipagtalik ng Babaeng Ito sa Kanyang Asawa. Nagulat si Mister Nang Malamang Ang Pinakatatagong Sikreto Niya

4:43 PM

Sabik na sabik si Patrick nang sa wakas ay maiuwi ang asawang si Icy sa gabi ng kanilang kasal. Sa pitong taon nilang pagsasama bilang magkasintahan ay hindi ito nagpagalaw sa kanya, at nirespeto niya ito dahil mahal na mahal niya ang babae. Ngayong kasal na sila, ang akala ni Patrick ay wala nang dahilan upang tanggihan pa siya sa kama.

Nang maihiga sa kama ay agad hinalikan ni Patrick nang mariin ang asawa. Gumanti naman ito ng halik ngunit parang ipit na ipit ang kanyang galaw, tuloy ay hindi makababa ang mga kamay ni Patrick sa kanyang dibdib pa lang.

"May problema ba, mahal?" tanong niya sa asawa.

"Puwede bang huwag muna natin ito gawin ngayon? Masyado akong pagod," sagot ng babae.

Dahil mabuting tao ay hindi nagpumilit si Patrick. Niyakap na lang niya nang mahigpit ang misis hanggang sa makatulog ito, ngunit siya ay nanatiling gising magdamag, nag-iisip kung ano nga kaya ang tunay na dahilan ng pagkakimi ng babaeng napangasawa.

Kinaumagahan ay nagdesisyon si Patrick na kumprontahin na si Icy, dahil sa magdamag na pag-iisip ay napagtanto na nito ang sikretong tinatago ng babae.

"Mahal, gusto kong malaman mong kahit hindi ako ang nakauna sa iyo ay wala akong pakialam. Tanggap kita at mahal na mahal kita."

Laking gulat ni Icy sa sinabi ng lalaki. Napangiti ito.

"Anong sinasabi mo? Ibig mong sabihin ay kahit hindi na ako birhen, tanggap mo ako?"

"Oo," siguradong sagot ni Patrick.

Napayakap si Icy sa asawa at ikinuwentong birhen pa naman talaga siya. Sinabi niya na rin sa wakas ang pinakatatagu-tagong sikreto.

"Noong bata ay naaksidente ako sa sa pagba-bike. Kinailangan akong operahan at ngayon ay may malaking hiwa sa gitna ng aking dibdib. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit nahihiya akong makita mo ako nang nang buong buo. Ngunit ngayong alam ko nang mahal na mahal mo nga ako, hindi na ako nahihiya."

Hindi nagtagal ay nagbunga na ang pagmamahalan ng dalawa. Sa pagiging mabuting ama sa kanilang anak ay lalo lang napatunayan ni Icy kung gaano siya kaswerte sa lalaking napangasawa.

AJ Raval, May Inamin Tungkol Sa Kanyang Issue Na Hindi Alam Ng Publiko

6:29 AM

The title of the original series that will be aired on Vivamax starting April 10, 2022 is Scandal.

It is led by AJ Raval, Ayanna Misola, Angela Morena, Sean de Guzman, Cindy Miranda, Francis Magundayao, and Jay Manalo.

Two of the cast members of Scandal were involved in the scandal because of their private videos that spread on the Internet but they denied it, even though there was clear and solid evidence. AJ, on the other hand, is part of the female cast of Iskandalo who insisted that she did not have a sex video scandal but was involved in scandalous issues. “Hindi ko pa nararanasang magkaroon ng scandal na sex video.

"Pero naeskandalo na rin po ako sa mga issue before at, well, para sa akin, f*ck them all! “Wala na rin po akong masyadong pakialam. Wala rin po akong feelings.”

But AJ confessed that she feels happy or enjoyed the controversies involved because she sees it as a measure of her popularity. “Honestly, parang nae-enjoy ko rin po yung may mga isyu-isyu, kasi that means may kinapupuntahan yung career ko.

"So, may part sa akin na pinagtatawanan ko sila dahil sa mga eskandalo na binubuo nila.

"Yun lang ang masasabi ko, parang nae-enjoy ko rin po siya." Social media celebrity with widespread sex scandal is the character played by AJ in the 10-part original series of Vivamax.

Last month, Cabinet Files reported that AJ had enrolled in an English proficiency online course to improve her communication skills and her speaking the American language.

In the trailer of Scandal, AJ has a scene in which her dialogues are in English, which is a proof of what she learned from the online course that she devoted time to for self-improvement.

What can you say about this story? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below and let us have some discussions!

Netizens, May Napansing Kakaiba sa Kilikili ni Yen Santos Matapos Niyang i-Upload ang mga Litratong Ito

5:16 AM

Hindi maikakailang isa si Yen Santos sa mga pinakamagagandang artista ng kanyang henerasyon. Bukod sa napakaamong mukha ay taglay rin nito ang katawan na kinaiinggitan ng lahat ng babae at pinapantasya naman ng mga lalaki. Kung susuyurin ang kanyang Instagram ay makikita na talagang halos perpekto si Yen, dahilan upang sabihin ng ilang netizen na tila may favoritism daw ang Lumikha dahil mayroon itong mga anak na kagaya ni Yen samantalang ang iba ang mukha lang patatas.

Ngunit kamakailan lang ay nag-upload ang dalaga ng mga litrato na nagpatunay na wala naman palang paboritong anak ang Maykapal dahil lahat tayo ay may kanya-kanyang kapintasan, sa parehong paraan na lahat tayo ay may kanya-kanyang kalakasan.

Nagsimula ang lahat nang mag-upload si Yen Santos sa Twitter ng ilang litratong nakataas ang kanyang braso, dahilan para makita ng lahat nang buong-buo ang kanyang kilikili. Bago pa man niya i-upload ito ay marami nang nagsasabing mistulang maitim at hindi kagandahan ang kilikili ng dalaga. Ngunit dahil lagi lang itong nakikita nang madilim o di kaya'y may anino, parating dumedepensa ang mga fans ni Yen na baka naman daw sa ilaw lang o sa anggulo.

Ngunit kung titignan ang mga litratong ito ay hindi na maitatago ang katotohanan: hindi kasing ganda ng sa ibang artista ang kilikili ni Yen Santos. Sa katunyan ay marami itong linya at hindi nga talaga ganoon kaputi.

Para naman sa mga loyal fans ng dalaga ay okay lang ito, at hindi naman nakabawas sa kanyang kagandahan. Ngunit hindi mapipigilan ang mga tayong mapangutya at mapangmata ng kapwa. Sana lang ay perpekto at walang bahid ng anumang hindi kagandahan ang kilikili ng mga nanglalait kay Yen Santos, o di naman kaya'y sana man lang mas maganda ito na naturang artista.

Kayo, sa tingin ba ninyo ay kabawasan sa kagandahan ng isang babae ang pagkakaroon ng kilikili na hindi perpekto? Ipaalam ang inyong saloobin sa pamamagitan ng pag-iiwan ng comment dito:

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