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Monday, October 24, 2022

Viral na mga pictures ngayon ni Kiray at boyfriend, silipin dito.

7:43 PM

Johanna Ismael Celis, who is also known as Kiray recently switched network and signed a contract with GMA after her long years working with ABS-CBN where she was first discovered as a Going Bulilit cast. Aside from being a comedienne and an actress, Kiray is has now also tried her luck on entrepreneurship and started a food business named Chicks and Fins.

Upon finding love and passion on making food and serving them, Kiray is very vocal on finding her partner in life. And her fans was beyond ecstatic for the actress.

Just last year, Kiray Celis introduced her boyfriend, Estephan Estopia, to the public through her Instagram account and wrote a meaningful message that says:

"You can be in a relationship for two years and feel nothing. You can be in a relationship for 2 months and feel everything. Time is not a measure of quality, of infatuation or of love."

It was also known that before Kiray decided to public her lover, she was already giving out hints about her love life.

“As much as you want to play your life, it has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than you originally planned.” The actress posted.

And just recently, news about the couple getting married immediately arose as the actress posted a photo that looks like a prenuptial photoshoot.

Hearing about the news, the actress right away clarified the speculations and said that she and her boyfriend just love taking photos.

"Hindi ito prenup," and the actress laughed, but it still does not confirm the rumours that the two may be planning their wedding already.

Do you feel old yet? Now that the child actors and actresses that we were once singing and dancing along with on children's program are now getting married and starting to reach their own dreams. What can you say about this story? Share us in the comment section below!

SOURCE: famoustrends

Friday, September 16, 2022

Angkas Rider, Nanlumo Matapos Ipa-Cancel ng Customer ang P7K Order

6:32 PM

During the coronavirus pandemic, most ride-hailing apps were suspended as per the enhanced community quarantine guidelines. In spite of this, the ride-hailing app Angkas is still providing service during the coronavirus outbreak. But this time, instead of offering rides, they are offering to buy goods and groceries for the people who can't get out of home.

By doing this, Angkas is not only suffering from a massive loss of profit, but they are also risking the lives of their driver for the sake of other people's service. At this time, you would think that people will appreciate Angkas' service. Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

Earlier this week, an Angkas driver gained the sympathy of the people on social media after a failed order. On a Facebook post, a concerned citizen shared the heartbreaking incident that happened to this Angkas driver, which resulted in him losing almost Php 7,000.

According to the post, the Angkas driver bought Php 7000-worth of medicines and groceries at Mercury Drug Store.

Since the order was cash-on-delivery, the driver will be receiving the payment after delivering it to the customer. However, after he was done with the purchase, the customer canceled the order!

This left the Angkas driver with more than Php7000-worth of goods that nobody wants to buy. In the photos, you can see the disappointment of the driver, who had no idea how he was going to take the items back. He tried to return it to Mercury drug, but due to their policies, they can no longer refund the items.

As expected, many netizens were enraged with the customer who canceled the order. Some are even calling for a permanent ban to customers who cancel orders, in order to save the time and effort of our Angkas drivers.

Do you also think Angkas should impose stricter regulations to avoid incidents like this in the future? We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Laking gulat ng lalaking ito nang maabutan ang dalawang tuta kasama ang isang cobra sa abandonadong balon!

11:30 PM

If you stumble upon two puppies with a King Cobra, also known as the world's most formidable snake, what do you think would happen next? Surely, your instinct would be to run away since you'd think there's no way this scene would end up well!

However, when this man from India chanced upon the exact same scene described above, he did not run away! As a matter of fact, it's like he was glued on the spot, waiting to find out what would happen next.

It started when the man heard barking but could not see dogs anywhere! He followed the sound and it let him to an old pit. Of course, he peered in. It did not surprise him to find two cute puppies waiting for rescue below!

What he did not expect was that the puppies weren't alone. They were actually down in the well with a King Cobra!

But this is the most astounding part: no matter how many minutes and hours past, the snake seemed to have no plans of bothering the puppies and turning them into dinner!

Furthermore, when help finally arrived 48 years later, authorities found out that the snake was actually protecting the puppies, and making sure they didn't wander off to the more troubling corners of the well!

The cobra even made way for the dogs' rescue! Finding it hard to believe all this? Well, luckily the man filmed his rare find.

Watch the whole video here!

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Boyfriend Nadulas! Ibang Pangalan ang Nabanggit Habang Kausap si Girlfriend!

9:04 PM

How would you feel if your significant other refers to you with the wrong name when you're alone together? Well, what about if he does it on national TV with millions watching? I bet there's going to be a long, heated discussion when the two of you gets home, right?

But when it happened on the popular set of Wowowin, at least we all could get a big laugh out of it! You know how Kuya Wil does it-- he asks contestants who went with them to the studio, and then asks whoever it is to dedicate a message for their loved one. This scene wasn't any different. Cris was a contestant for Willie of Fortune, and her beloved boyfriend went to support him in the studio.

Instead of being all tender and romantic, though, the guy's message became all sorts of confusing and hilarious. That's because this poor lad mentioned the wrong name in his dedication to the contestant! He ought to have called her Cris, which was her real name, but he ended up blurting a different name: "Michelle."

Of course, everybody wanted to know who "Michelle" was, and Kuya Wil was only too happy to oblige. He didn't really mind extending a few minutes to get the whole story here. I mean, who wouldn't? So the guy started to explain, in between laughs, which just made the situation even funnier for everyone on studio, and surely for everyone watching at home, too!

It might be a little concerning to some, though, especially when the young man revealed that "Michelle" was actually his friend's wife! He couldn't answer why he blurted out that name, though! Well, we could always blame it on the nerves associated with being in front of the camera, but would you really make a mistake in saying your girlfriend's name?

Whatever it is, though, I'm sure Cris and Michelle got the whole story straight when they left the studio and arrived home! Talk about awkward, though, right?

Watch the full segment here:

Source: GMA

Kahit Kasal Na Ay Ayaw pa rin Makipagtalik ng Babaeng Ito sa Kanyang Asawa. Nagulat si Mister Nang Malamang Ang Pinakatatagong Sikreto Niya

4:43 PM

Sabik na sabik si Patrick nang sa wakas ay maiuwi ang asawang si Icy sa gabi ng kanilang kasal. Sa pitong taon nilang pagsasama bilang magkasintahan ay hindi ito nagpagalaw sa kanya, at nirespeto niya ito dahil mahal na mahal niya ang babae. Ngayong kasal na sila, ang akala ni Patrick ay wala nang dahilan upang tanggihan pa siya sa kama.

Nang maihiga sa kama ay agad hinalikan ni Patrick nang mariin ang asawa. Gumanti naman ito ng halik ngunit parang ipit na ipit ang kanyang galaw, tuloy ay hindi makababa ang mga kamay ni Patrick sa kanyang dibdib pa lang.

"May problema ba, mahal?" tanong niya sa asawa.

"Puwede bang huwag muna natin ito gawin ngayon? Masyado akong pagod," sagot ng babae.

Dahil mabuting tao ay hindi nagpumilit si Patrick. Niyakap na lang niya nang mahigpit ang misis hanggang sa makatulog ito, ngunit siya ay nanatiling gising magdamag, nag-iisip kung ano nga kaya ang tunay na dahilan ng pagkakimi ng babaeng napangasawa.

Kinaumagahan ay nagdesisyon si Patrick na kumprontahin na si Icy, dahil sa magdamag na pag-iisip ay napagtanto na nito ang sikretong tinatago ng babae.

"Mahal, gusto kong malaman mong kahit hindi ako ang nakauna sa iyo ay wala akong pakialam. Tanggap kita at mahal na mahal kita."

Laking gulat ni Icy sa sinabi ng lalaki. Napangiti ito.

"Anong sinasabi mo? Ibig mong sabihin ay kahit hindi na ako birhen, tanggap mo ako?"

"Oo," siguradong sagot ni Patrick.

Napayakap si Icy sa asawa at ikinuwentong birhen pa naman talaga siya. Sinabi niya na rin sa wakas ang pinakatatagu-tagong sikreto.

"Noong bata ay naaksidente ako sa sa pagba-bike. Kinailangan akong operahan at ngayon ay may malaking hiwa sa gitna ng aking dibdib. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit nahihiya akong makita mo ako nang nang buong buo. Ngunit ngayong alam ko nang mahal na mahal mo nga ako, hindi na ako nahihiya."

Hindi nagtagal ay nagbunga na ang pagmamahalan ng dalawa. Sa pagiging mabuting ama sa kanilang anak ay lalo lang napatunayan ni Icy kung gaano siya kaswerte sa lalaking napangasawa.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Paul Jake Castillo, May Mensahe sa Netizen na Sinabihang 'Pangit' ang Anak Niya

11:46 PM

It is common for celebrities to have critics online. Most of the time, stars just shrug off the unsavory comments they get online. However, in some cases, there are people who cross the line when it comes to criticizing celebrities.

There have been some cases when a celebrity's personal life is being dragged in an issue. When this happens, a star is forced to speak up. This is exactly what happened to Kapamilya actor Paul Jake Castillo.

The former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate is now happily married with Kaye Abad. The two of them left showbiz for good to open up a business in Cebu City. Soon enough, they were blessed with a bundle of joy, their first-born son.

On Instagram, the actor often shares daily snippets of their life. However, recently, a critic left an unsavory comment on Paul Jake's update. The netizen insulted Kaye and did not spare their son, calling him ugly.

Instead of lashing out against the critic, Paul Jake remained cool as he left a response: "Hahaha. Well that’s your own opinion. Hahaha. Kita kits." Many of his fans also came to the rescue of their idol.

On the other hand, many people also applauded Paul Jake's classy response to his hater. Indeed, as the old adage goes, you can't fight fire with fire. Nice move!

What are your thoughts about this? We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

Lolo na nagpepedicab pa rin dahil walang pambili ng bigas, binigyan ng regalo ng kanyang pasahero!

11:36 PM

As the dusk of the life slowly slowly approaches, we get to see life in a more broader view. Once you were able to raise your kids and they managed to build their own family, you are back to square one, albeit more knowledgeable and stronger than you were 40 or 50 years ago.

By then, you are expected to be taking rest and have the time of your life already, as your kids you once taken care of are already capable enough to take over and take care of you know instead.
But on some cases, its just don’t end up like that.
A story from a Facebook post broke a lot of hearts online as she posted the daily struggle of an old man who chooses to still work with his pedicab despite of his weak body, because of being left with no choice.

He has no one to support his wife and himself.

On a post from Joana Karyl Alforte Arce, what the man told her upon asking why he stilll works.

“Kaya ko naman kaso mabagal lang kasi malakas ang hangin’, ‘Dami nga nag rereklamo minsan kasi mabagal daw pero kailangan ko kasi wala ako pambili ng bigas.”

Joana was not able to provide the old man's information but under her post was a comment revealing the pedicab driver’s identity.

He is Fernando Villagonza, 75 years old and drives around the streets of some small town in Cavite.

Aside from the calls of the netizens to give Lolo Fernando some patience when they are riding his pedicab, they were also able to raise attention enough to fund him some groceries that made the old man genuinely happy.

Why does Lolo Fernando and his wife live alone and where are their kids? Apparently, none of those questions were answered. Have you already encountered such situation melted your heart so much? Share us in the comment section about that fateful moment!

SOURCE: filipinoclip

Babae, nasaksak ang sariling mata habang nag kikilay! Alamin dito!

11:21 PM

Are you one of the skillful ladies who can do their make up at any give time of the day, at basically anywhere? May it be on the dark corner of the crowded room, walking, or inside a vehicle while on the way on your meeting. If yes, maybe this story might give you a gentle reminder that despite of being used on multi tasking, you really got to be careful all times.

This certain unfortunate lady from Bangkok, Thailand experienced the worst kind of twist of events from the thing that is made to make her feel more comfortable and beautiful.

Little did she know that the eyebrow pencil she was using the exact moment she was riding a taxi while on her way home is going to ruin her face for the rest of her life.

Apparently, while she was applying some colors on her brows, the taxi accidentally crushed on a pick up truck that caused its front to get totally broken.

Due to this, a massive force from the accident cause another tragedy on the back seat, where the lady stabbed her eye by the pencil and got stuck inside for almost half of its length.

She was immediately rushed to the Hospital and underwent an operation. Fortunately, according to the doctors,she is now doing good and her condition was not too critical as the pencil got stuck on the white part of her eye. (sclera)

The pencil was successfully removed and the lady is now doing okay.

As for the taxi driver, he is also safe from the accident aside from the several injuries he got.

Are you one of the ladies who do their make up while inside a moving car? May this be a lesson for you to always be aware of your surroundings and choose the safest thing to apply on the delicate parts of your face, especially if the car is speeding. What can you say about this story?

SOURCE: mostrendingph

Reklamo ng netizen tungkol sa hollowblock ng isang bagong gawang bahay, viral online!

7:35 PM

If you are a person who was born without a silver spoon in the mouth, it is no doubt you know every struggle of a normal Filipino citizen is. Those who fights for a day in the name of survival, and can not afford to secure anything other than the food that they can feed on their hungry stomach.

It will a great dream to own a stable life that does not worry on short supplies and money. To have a warm and cozy house that will keep you safe everyday.

And while you are still working towards your biggest goal, let us see this certain post from a netizen that caught thousands of attention online.

Apparently, someone seems to fulfill their hope of having their dream house.

But the catch is, something is evidently bothering on the whole structure of his house's foundation.

The hollow blocks that are suppose to secure the house's strength seemed to be put in a wrong and dangerous way.

Unlike the typical intertwined style, the hollow blocks were arranged vertically which feared the netizen and said it may easily collapse in one shake of an earthquake.

Comments say they agree on the netizen's concern but instead of becoming a thing for a one solid thought, the post itself caused discussion and arguments all around social media.

Turns out that some people have claimed that this kind of structure is definitely okay. Weird right?

On a post from Most Trending PH, they wrote a short yet clear explanation, "This is just like the Ustock-bond design" of homes in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and America.

"While this design of the hollow blocks is not unique to some, it is still unavoidable for some to worry about the safety of the people living in the house."

On which side do you agree? What can you say about this story? Comment down all your thoughts below and let us have some discussions!

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Hindi aakalaing makapapag asawa ng bilyonaryo ang mga babaeng ito! Alamin kung sino sila

8:29 AM

If you will look back on our conservative and a not so open minded culture we have before, for sure marrying someone twice your age will always be something to be looked down upon, especially if you are a girl. Just as immediately, the elders will ask you if you have gone crazy or if you ran out of options already.

But right now, these types of marriages finally became an acceptable thing that it is not weird at all to see a perfectly beautiful and young girl, holding hands with an old man.

Just like these girls.

1. Wendi Deng

In courtesy of How to Care website who gathered a total of 10 amazing women who married billionaires, Wendi Deng is on their top list and here's why.

"Siya ay isa ng business woman kaya naman may reputasyon na siyang bitbit bago siya magpakasal kay Rupert Murdoch na sikat sa media."

2. Salma Hayek
"Nagpakasal siya kay Francois Henry-Pinault noong 2007. Si Francois lang naman ang nagmamay-ari ng Gucci at Balenciaga."

3. Princess Charlene of Monaco
"Si Princess Charlene ay kasal kay Prince Albert ng bansang Monaco noong taong 2011. Isa siyang Olympic Swimmer at sinasabing 20 na taon ang tanda ng Prinsipe sa kanya."

4. Jade Foret
"Si Jade ay isang Belgian na modelo at ngayon ay kasal sa isang makapangyarihang tao sa France na si Arnaud Lagardere."

5. Elisabetha Gregoraci
"Siya naman ay isang Italian model at ngayon ay kasal sa isang negosyante na si Flavio Briatore."

6. Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel
"Si Prinsepe Alwaleed Bin Talai ang kanyang naging asawa at ngayon ay hiwalay na."

7. Sylvia Induka
"Siya ay isang dating African Beauty Queen at nakilala niya ang kanyang mayamang asawa na si Aliko Dangote noong siya ay 25 na taong gulang."

8. Fabiana Flosi
"Siya naman ay ikinasal sa bilyonaryong si Bernie Ecclestone na CEO ng Formula One at isa siyang maituturing sa pinakamayamang lalaki sa buong mundo at 45 na taon ang agwat nila sa isat-isa."

9. Eloise Broady
"Isa din siyang modelo at nakilala niya ang kanyang asawa ngayon na si John Paul Dejoria sa isang blind date. Ilan sa mga kompanya ni John Paul ay ang Paul Mitchell at Patron."

10. Anna Sergeevna
"Si Jim Goldstein na isang notorious playboy ang karelasyon ni Anna na kung saan ay kasama niya ito palagi sa mga NBA games at iba pang laro na kanyang mahilig panoorin."

What can you say about this story? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below and let us have some discussion!

SOURCE: howtocare

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Lalaking dinukot sa Batangas gas station, natagpuan ang katawan sa Quezon

12:07 AM

Natagpuang patay na sa gilid ng kalsada sa bayan ng Sariaya, Quezon ang lalaking dinukot sa isang gasolinahan sa Taal, Batangas nitong Martes ng gabi.

Positibong kinilala ng mga kaanak ang bangkay ng biktimang si Eugene Beltran Del Rosario, isang residente ng Lemery, Batangas, matapos siyang matagpuang nakahandusay sa gilid ng Eco-Tourism Road sa nasabing bayan ngayong Huwebes ng umaga.

Ayon sa report ng pulisya ng Sariaya, nakatali ang 2 kamay at nakabalot pa ng packaging tape ang buong ulo ni Del Rosario nang matagpuan ito mga 71 kilometro ang layo mula sa lugar kung saan siya dinukot.

Sabi naman ng hepe ng pulisya nga si Lt. Col. William Angway Jr., may tama ng bala sa ulo at likod ang biktima.

Lumabas din sa kanilang paunang imbestigasyon na hindi sa Sariaya pinatay ang biktima kundi sa ibang lugar at itinapon lamang umano ang bangkay sa naturang bayan.


Huling nakitang buhay si Del Rosario nitong Miyerkoles ng gabi sa isang gas station sa bayan ng Taal. Nakunan pa nga ng CCTV ang pagdukot sa kanya.

Sa kuha ng CCTV, makikita na naglalakad ang biktima patungo sa gasolinahan nang dumating ang 2 AUV at nagsibabaan ang 8 armadong lalaki.

Sapilitan nilang isinakay si Del Rosario sa isa sa mga van habang sumisigaw ito at humihingi ng saklolo.

Ayon sa asawa ng biktima na si Jane Cabello, kakababa lamang ng bus mula Maynila ang mister niya at pauwi na sana sa bahay nila nang dinukot ito.

Patuloy pa ang imbestigasyon at inaalam ang motibo sa krimen at kung sino ang mga dumukot sa biktima.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Rita Gaviola aka Badjao Girl, may anak na pala!

7:51 AM

Marami ang nagulantang matapos kumpirmahin ng dating Pinoy Big Brother housemate na si Rita Gaviola na siya ay isa nang ganap na ina.

August 9, 2022 nang matapang na ibinunyag ni Rita o mas kilala bilang Badjao Girl sa kanyang social media account na siya ay nanganak na sa 1st baby nila ng kanyang non-showbiz boyfriend.

Nagsimula ang mga espekulasyon tungkol sa kanyang pagdadalantao matapos mapansin ng ilang netizen na tila tumataba ang dalaga. Sa kanyang Tiktok video ay may iilan na nagtatanong kung siya ba ay buntis at pabiro itong sinagot ng dalaga.

Aniya, “Opo sabi mo. Hahaha opo buntis ako sabi ng hula.”

Matapos sagutin ang mga intriga ay nag-private na si Rita sa Tiktok. Ilang buwan itong naging tahimik ngunit nito lamang nang matapang niyang ibahagi ang larawan ng kanyang anak at ng ama nito.

Ayon kay Rita, wala siyang pakialam sa kung ano ang sasabihin sa kanya ng ibang tao. Ang hiling lang niya ay huwag idamay ang kanyang anak sa panghuhusga at pambabatikos ng publiko.

“Sabihan ninyo lang ako masasakit na salita kahit laitin niyo ako okay lang sa akin basta wag ninyo lang idamay ang anak ko. Tatanggapin ko lahat ng masasakit wag lang anak ko,” caption nito sa nasabing post.

Sa kabilang banda, sinabi nito na ipinagmamalaki niyang hindi niya ipinalaglag ang kanyang anak para lamang pangalagaan ang kanyang pangalan at kasikatan.

“Pero isa lang masasabi ko na proud ako kasi hindi ko pinalaglag ang baby dahil lang sa kasikatan,” ani Rita Gaviola.

Samantalang iba-iba naman ang naging reaksyon ng publiko. May iilan na hindi makapaniwalang may anak na si Rita dahil isa lamang itong musmos at walang muwang na bata noon sa kalsada bago ito na-discover.

Gayunpaman, may iilan naman na nagsasabing huwag nalang pansinin ni Rita ang sasabihin ng mga tao. Mag-focus nalang ito sa kanyang anak at protektahan ito sa pamamagitan ng pag limit sa pagpo-post at paggamit ng social media.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Libo-libong nag-abot ng tulong financial para kay Andrew Schimmer at nakaratay na misis nito ayon kay Ogie Diaz.

6:32 AM

Ayon kay Ogie Diaz, dumarami ang tumulong sa misis ni Andrew Schimmer matapos mapanood ang vlog nito kasama ang aktor sa kanyang interview sa youtube channel nito.

Marami ang naantig sa mga kwento ng aktor kung saan mahahalata mo talaga kung gaano niya kamahal ang misis at pamilya niya. Hindi na niya iniinda ang mga bayarin sa hospital at gamot ng kanyang asawa ang importante raw sa kanya ay mapalabas ang kanyang asawa sa hospital.

Halos walong buwan ng naospital at nakaratay sa kama ang kanyang asawa. Pero nagpapasalamat pa din ang aktor dahil hindi raw ito pinepressure ng ospital sa billings nito, yun iba pa daw na health professionals sa ospital ang nagbigay ng mga gamot para sa kanyang asawa.

“Aasikasuhin namin itong pasyente mo, mag-usap tayo mamaya,”

Aniya pa ng aktor, isa daw sila sa pinakamatagal na pasyente sa St.Lukes Medical Center.

Mababakas sa mukha ng aktor na tila nahihirapan na din ito pero kinakaya niya padin dahil mahal na mahal niya ang kanyang asawa dahil magbestfriend raw sila dati.

May iba raw na sinabihan na ang kanyang mga anak na wala na raw pag-asa ang mommy nila, mahihirapan nadaw sila pero giniit ng aktor na kakayanin niya sa abot ng kanyang makakaya. Hopeful pa din siya na gumaling ang asawa niya.

Kaya naman ay marami ang naantig sa kwento ng aktor at dumagsa ang tumulong nito

Sinabi ni Ogie Diaz na, “Sa amin nagti-text ‘yung iba, nagpi-PM at nagdi-DM na ‘pano po namin maibibigay ‘yung Gcash kasi nag-exceed na for the month of August.” 

Kaya kinailangan ni Andrew Schimmer ng panibagong Gcash Account para dun na maisend ang mga karagdagang donasyon para sa kanyang pamilya at misis nito.

Ano ang masasabi niyo dito? Hali na at magbigay ng opinyon sa comment section!


Friday, August 5, 2022

Nanay na iniwan ang anak sa abandonadong baha, hindi inaasahan ang naging ganti sa kaniya

5:44 AM
Nanay na iniwan ang anak sa abandonadong baha, hindi inaasahan ang
naging ganti sa kaniya
Tahimik na naglalakad ang binatang si Christian habang pauwi ito mula sa eskwelahan. Araw-araw itong naglalakad papasok at pauwi dahil malapit lang ang kanilang tahanan sa kaniyang eskwelahan.
Isang direksyon lang ang kaniyang tinatahak araw-araw ngunit napagpasyahan nito na sa iba dumaan dahil sasadyain niya ang kaniyang kaklase na ilang araw nang hindi pumapasok. Bago lumiko si Christian sa kalsada kung saan nakatira ang kaniyang kaklase ay nadaanan ng binata ang isang bahay kung saan maririnig ang iyak ng isang sanggol. Saglit na huminto si Christian para tingnan ang kabuuan ng bahay.
Mapusyaw na ang kulay dilaw na pintura ng dingding nito at tila ba nilulumot na ang ibang bahagi. Mapapansin din na may sira na ang pinto. Nagtataka ang binata dahil tila ba abandonado na ang nasabing bahay ngunit may tao sa loob nito.
Hindi maiwasang mag alala ng binata kaya’t minabuti nito na magtanong sa mga residente sa nasabing lugar at napag alaman ni Christian na ultimo ang mga residente ay walang nakikitang lumalabas at pumapasok sa nasabing bahay at ni minsan ay hindi nila nakitang bukas ang mga ilaw nito tuwing gabi.
Kinumbinsi ni Christian ang mga residente na tumawag na ng pulis nang sa gayon ay makumpirma nila ang suspetsa na may inabandonang bata sa bahay na siya naman nilang sinang ayunan. Mabilis na umaksyon ang kapulisan at agad na dumating sa nasabing lugar.
Wala silang sinayang na oras at agad na sinira ang pinto ng bahay. Sumalubong sa kanila ang isang madilim at maruming bahay at mas umalingawngaw sa kanilang pandinig ang iyak ng isang bata kaya’t agad na iginala ng isang pulis ang hawak nitong flashlight kung saan natagpuan nila ang nasabing bata sa may kasulok-sulukan ng bahay. Kulot ang buhok nito at may mapupungay na mga mata.
Naglalakad sa hallway ng ospital si Letty Sabroso nang makarinig ito ng isang mahinang iyak ng bata. Bibisitahin ni Letty ang kaniyang bunsong anak na naka confine sa ospital. Nadaanan ni Letty ang tapat ng isang bukas na kwarto kung saan naroon ang umiiyak na bata. Wala sa kaniyang ulirat ay pumasok si Letty sa kwarto ni Lisa.
Agad na huminto sa pag-iyak si Lisa nang makita nito si Letty. Isang nakakatuwang tawa ang binitawan ni Lisa na siyang nagpainit sa puso ni Letty. “Lisa ang pangalan niya.” Bungad ng isang babae kay Letty. “Natagpuan siya sa isang abandonadong bahay.” Dagdag pa nito. Agad na napatingin si Letty sa babae at base sa suot nito, mukhang taga Social Services siya.
Naikwento ni Letty sa kaniyang asawa ang tungkol kay Lisa. Isang mahigpit na yakap ang ibinigay ng asawa ni Letty sa kaniya “Bakit hindi na lang natin ampunin si Lisa?” Seryosong tanong ng asawa ni Letty. Bakas sa itsura nito na nais niyang maibsan ang lungkot ng asawa. “Seryoso ka ba?” Tanong ni Letty. May dalawang anak na ito kaya’t hindi na niya naisipan pa ang mag-ampon ngunit nabago ito nang makilala niya si Lisa.
Nang maisaayos na ang adoption paper nito ay ganoon na lamang ang tuwa ng mag-asawa. Hindi naging madali ang pag-aadjust ni Lisa sa bago niyang pamilya.
Lahat ay ginawa ng mag-asawa para kay Lisa at nag bunga naman ito.
Kahit nakararanas si Lisa ng panunukso ay hindi naman pinaramdam ng kaniyang pamilya na siya ay naiiba. Suportado siya nila Letty sa lahat ng mga bagay kahit alam ni Lisa na hindi siya tunay na anak nito.

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Silipin ang nakakakilig na engagement proposal kay Alodia Gosiengfiao ng non showbiz bf Christopher Quimbo

9:42 PM
Silipin ang nakakakilig na engagement proposal kay Alodia Gosiengfiao
ng non showbiz bf Christopher Quimbo

Ang pag-ibig nga naman, talagang hindi masusukat sa tagal o layo, dahil kapag mahal mo, ay mahal mo talagang tunay!

Katulad na lamang ng nangyari sa entrepreneur at sikat na cosplayer na si Alodia Gosiengfiao matapos niyang masayang ibahagi sa publiko ang kaniyang engagement sa non showbiz boyfriend na si Christopher Quimbo.

Sa Youtuve account ng CEO ng Tier One, ipinasilip ni Alodia kung paano nag propose sa kaniya ang kaniyang fiancee

Pagbabahagi niya, sa winery nila Christopher nangyari ang special event.

“Naging suspicious na ako kasi bakit ang daming flowers. Okay, maganda itong pang-Instagram and what-not.

“And then nagkaroon na ng candles and a little parang set-up na doon sa middle. Ah, okay, parang there’s something happening.”

Hindi kalaunan ay lumuhod na rin si Christopher kung saan itinanong na niya sa dalaga, “Will you marry me?”

“Of course!” ang masayang-masayang sagot ni Alodia.

Sa isang banda ng video, nagbahagi si Christopher ng kaniyang excitement sa bagong chapter ng kanilang relationship.

“We went back and played piano. I sang for her. I knew at that point this would happen. Now, she’s my fiancee.”

Matatandaang na bandang December last year, 2021, ay kinumpirma ni Alodia ang hiwalayan nila ng noo’y long term boyfriend na si Wil Dasovich. Sa kabila ng iba’t ibang sumulpot na isyu ay hindi nila ibinahagi sa publiko ang tunay na dahilan ng kanilang hiwalayan.

Limang buwan matapos ang kanilang break up, ibinahagi ni Alodia sa publiko na magkasintahan na sila ni Christopher.

Sa pagpapatuloy ni Christopher, sinabi niyang aalagaan niya si Alodia, dahil walang hanggan ang paghanga niya rito hindi lamang bilang partner, kung hindi bilang tao.

“She’s a phenomenal person. So a wonderfully deep person, an entrepreneur, and on top of all that, she’s beautiful.”

Pangako niya, “I’ll be good to her. I’ll be her biggest fan. I’ll treasure her.”

Magna cum laude, inialay ang kaniyang tagumpay sa ama na isang pedicab driver

9:04 PM
Magna cum laude, inialay ang kaniyang tagumpay sa ama na isang pedicab

Totoong ang tagumpay ng anak ay tagumpay din ng mga magulang, kung kaya naman abot langit palagi ang ngiti ng ating mga ama tuwing may mga bagong bagay tayong nakakamit.

Kagaya na lamang ng istorya ng mga nagtatapos ngayong buwan, lalung lalo na ang mga cum laude!

Katulad na lamang ng istorya ni Sandra Estefani Ramos, isang magna cum laude na inialay ang kaniyang tagumpay sa ama na nagtaguyod sa kaniyang pag aaral ng napakaraming taon sa pamamagitan ng pag papadyak o pag pepedicab.

Ayon sa kaniyang post, “After so many years of hard work and sacrifices, Papa, Mama, heto na!

“’Pa, ihatod mo na po ang Magna Cum Laude mong aki gamit ang satong padyak!

“I am proud that my father is a pedicab driver.

“And indeed, he is the true magna cum laude.

“All glory be to God.”

Balak pa sanang itago ni Sandra ang magandang balita sa kaniyang mga magulang ngunit aksidenteng nalaman din nila ito noong minsang naglipana ang mga papel sa kanyang folder matapos matamaan ng malakas ng hangin ng electricfan.

Ayon sa kaniyang ina sa interview ng ABS CBN ay walang mapag sidlan ang tuwa nilang mag asawa noong nalaman nila ang sorpresa ni Sandra.

Ayon naman sa kaniyang ama, “Sabi niya gusto niya maging teacher. Sabi ko, ‘Sige kung kaya mo, sige susuportahan kita.’ Sabi ko tiis-tiisin nila para makapagtapos sila.”

Pagbabalik tanaw naman ni Sandra sa kanilang pag hihirap mag pamilya, “Lagi ko siyang niyayakap pag hinahatid niya ako sa terminal.

“Hindi ko naranasang maging pedicab driver, pero pag tinitingnan ko siya, parang nararamdaman ko yung hirap kaya lalo kong ginagawa ang best ko.”

Samantala, ay very humble din siya tungkol sa kaniyang award. “Kahit ngayon hindi ko pa po alam kung paano ko na-achieve yung ganung honor. Kahit alam ko na may mas matalino kaysa sa akin, I still do my best.

“Kahit hindi ko po alam kung paano, alam ko po kung sino yung mga tao na naging rason bakit ako naging magna cum laude.”

Batang tamad mag aral noon, natutong magsumikap at magtinda upang makapagtapos at board top notcher na ngayon!

1:11 AM
Batang tamad mag aral noon, natutong magsumikap at magtinda upang
makapagtapos at board top notcher na ngayon!

Kamakailan ay umani ng pansin ang isang board passer matapos niyang ibahagi ang kaniyang istorya sa publiko.

Siya si Jonald Traquina, nakatapag tapos ng kursong education at kalaunan at naging board top notcher.

Sa kaniyang Facebook post, binahagi niya na muntik na niyang hindi ipagpatuloy ang pag aaral dahil sa katamaran.

In fact, puro bagsak ang kaniyang grades noong elementary, at kalaunan ay huminto na rin sa pag aaral.

Matapos ang kaniyang pakiusap sa kaniyang kuya na makapag aral ulit siya ay pinag bigyan ulit sya nito, at dito siya nakapag aral ng high school.

Ngunit bandang kolehiyo ay nagkaroon ng matinding problema ang kanilang pamilya at kinailangan niyang suportahan ang sarili upang maitaguyod ang pag aaral.

“When I was studying in college, I also struggled a lot.

“Back then, I was selling cassava chips and yema spread, tutoring three children after my night class so that I could have my own money to support my studies.

“I also had to study late at night because I had grades to maintain.”

Sa kabila ng kaniyang pag hihirap ay sinikap niyang itaguyod ang kaniyang pangarap dahil alam niyang ang kaniyang diploma ang “best gift” na maari niyang ibigay sa kaniyang mga magulang.

I didn’t just graduate with multiple awards for being a student leader, but also with Latin honors.

“Those struggles which I had experienced for the past ten years just to redeem myself were not just struggles for nothing but also blessings from above.”

Noong May 2019 ay nakapag tapos si Jonald bilang isang cum laude.

Nitong January 3, 2022 naman ay kumuha siya ng Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers. At muli na naman niyang pinahanga ang mga magulang matapos siyang maging top 3, at may rating na 92.20 percent.

“Sobrang saya po ng aking pamilya, mga kababayan sa bayan ng Polillo at ng SLSU Polillo.

“Ito ang unang beses na nagkaroon ng LET topnotcher na nagmula sa aming paaralan kaya’t napakalaking biyaya ito para sa amin.

“Sulit ang dalawang taon na paghahanda at panalangin!” ani Jonald.

Dagdag pa niya, “Topping the board wasn’t easy because I had to deal with pressure and anxiety, and with people’s expectations.

“But it also made me stronger. It taught me to overcome my fears by always asking for guidance from above.”

Netizens, muling binalikan ang pang aalipusta ni Ms. Manila kay Herlene "Hipon" Budol noon, Herlene, 1st runner up sa Bb.Pilipinas

12:54 AM
Netizens, muling binalikan ang pang aalipusta ni Ms. Manila kay
Herlene "Hipon" Budol noon, Herlene, 1st runner up sa Bb.Pilipinas

Labis ang pag pupunyagi ng mga netizens sa pagka panalo ni Herlene “Hipon Girl” Budol sa nakalipas na Binibining Pilipinas 2022.

Hindi kasi inaasahan na hakot awards ang magiging eksena niya, at magiging first runner up pa siya! Marami rin ang na antig sa kaniyang pang malakasang sagot sa Q&A na sinisigurado ng marami na siyang nagpapanalo sa kaniya.

Q: “A beauty pageant is a space for transformation. What has been your biggest character transformation since you joined and how could this make you deserving of a crown tonight?”

Itinagalog din ito ng host upang tiyak na maintindihan ng kandidata: “Ang beauty pageant ay isang lugar para sa transpormasyon. Anong transpormasyong importante ang nangyari sa iyo habang nandito ka sa Binibining Pilipinas.”

At ang sagot ni Budol: “Para sa ‘kin, isang karangalan na nakatungtong ako dito sa Binibining Pilipinas bilang isang binibining hindi inaasahan.

“Para sa ‘kin, ang sarap palang mangarap. Ang sarap mangarap. Walang imposible.

“Isa po akong komedyante na laki sa hirap, at ang aking transpormasyon ay ang magbigay ng inspirasyon. Because I know for myself that I am uniquely beautiful with a mission.”

Pak na pak! Kung kaya naman hindi maiwasan ng netizens na balikan ang mga pagkakataon kung saan kinutya-kutya siya ni Ms. Manila sa isang episode ng Wowowin at tinawag siyang “squammy”

Matatandaan na minsan din itong sinabihan na hindi fit upang maging beauty queen dahil bukod sa wala itong class ay katawan lamang ang maganda dito.

Kaya naman tuloy ngayong bonggang-bongga ang success ni Herlene ay hinunting nila si Ms. Manila upang ipamukha sa kaniya na mas naging matagumpay ang komedyana kesa sa kaniya.

Kung maalala ay hindi naka abot ng finals si Ms. Manila noong Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

Proud na proud naman ang mga kapwa comedian kay Herlene, kabilang na si Vice na aminadong naiyak sa sagot ng dalaga.

“E ung naiyak ako para kay Hipon! Waaaahhh! Love u Herlene!”

“O diba!!! Ika nga ni Hipon from comedy to inspiration! Chozzz!!!”