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Friday, April 24, 2020

Viral Video on How Ellen Adarna Treats Her Maid Elicits Reactions from Netizen

8:30 PM

Ellen Adarna recently came back in showbiz after her long year of hiatus together with her allegedly former boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz when the couple decided to settle down for good in Cebu City for the sake of their 2 year old son, Elias Modesto. And now that the actress is once again active on social media, her fans are excited to take a sneak peak on the actress’ everyday life that she shared through Instagram stories.

And speaking of stories, one of the most favorite stories of her fans was surely the time when she let her yayas have a night out and enjoy their free time not worrying anything in the house.

The moment she woke up, the actress immediately taped a video and said that she just literally got up from the bed and was shocked to see that her nannies exactly just got home as well.

It can be seen that Ellen have such a good and intact relationship with them as her yayas happily told the actress everything they experienced last night and Ellen was more than enthusiastic to hear all of it from her yayas.

Her fans were delighted to see this side of her and was proud to know that their idol was never rude to anyone, especially to her staffs.

One of the highlight of the story was when her maid told her that she still owes the tricycle driver 20 pesos because she ran out of money while on the way home.

On the last part of the clip, the actress posted a video of her yaya unconsciously falling asleep in the couch. Later on she can be hear laughing as she whispers, “night out pa.”

Where is Ellen Adarna now? After graduating from her mental training recently in Bali, Indonesia, the actress took her 14 day self quarantine immediately as per DOH protocol to make sure that she is safe from the virus. What can you say about this story? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below and let us have some discussion!

Melai Cantiveros, labis ang tuwa sa regalo ni Kristine Hermosa sa kaarawan niya!

5:58 AM
Melai Cantiveros, labis ang tuwa sa regalo ni Kristine Hermosa sa
kaarawan niya!

Melisa Cantiveros, also known as “Momshie Melai” who is a host in ABS CBN’s morning show Magandang Buhay together with Karla Estrada and Jolina Magdangal recently celebrated her 32nd birthday last April 6. Although it was sad to have her birthday celebrated on such a setup we have today amid enhanced community quarantine, Momshie Melai seemed to have one of her most memorable birthdays in her entire life.

Melai is a Filipina actress, comedian, host and the fifth female Big Winner of the reality show, Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up in 2009. Last 2015, she had also landed first place on Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 1.

On her Instagram post, Melai showed to her fans one of the “greatest gifts” she has ever received, and it was none other than a video greeting from her all time favorite actress, Kristine Hermosa. Having no opportunity to work with the actress in the past, one of the host’s good friend, actress and host Pauleen Luna helped to surprise Melai with a simple yet very thoughtful gift.

According to Melai, she was a hardcore fan of the actress ever since the Jericho and Kristine love team, and since have always looked up to the actress especially when Melai started with her own showbiz career.

Kristine’s message to the birthday girl was short but heartfelt. She wished Melai a happy and healthy birthday and prayed to God to bless her and her family.

Kristine also stated that she hopes for everyone’s healing, which touched the heart of a lot of fans. It is undeniable that the actress’ inner and outer beauty did not fade at all, even if she has long left the showbiz world already.

On Melai’s post, she also wrote that she will forever treasure this video and did not forget to thank everyone who wished her a joyful birthday.

Have you ever had an ultimate celebrity crush way back, or even up until today? Who are them and how did you become his/her fan? Share us your story in the comment section and let us have some conversation.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Mayor Isko Moreno, Naiyak sa Kanyang Panawagan Para sa Mga Nagtatagong Senador

8:09 AM
Mayor Isko Moreno, Naiyak sa Kanyang Panawagan Para sa Mga Nagtatagong

Recently, Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno couldn’t hold back his emotions while addressing the high-ranking politicians in our country. In a circulating video on social media, the Manila City mayor can be seen turning emotional while addressing senators in his speech. Aside from encouraging them to help, Mayor Isko also asked for compassion and understanding.

According to Isko, his constituents in Manila City are also seeking support and assistance from the high-ranking politicians, especially during the alarming coronavirus crisis these days.

“Wala ba kayong mga puso? Maswerte kayo, pinagpala kayo. Maswerte tayo nakaluwag tayo sa buhay. Paano yung mga naghihikahos dahil sa krisis na ito at yung mga naghihikahos sa kasalukuyan. Hindi tayo magkakaunawaan sa salitaan, hindi tayo magkakaunawaan sa mga political ideologies.”

Mayor Isko also challenged the politicians to donate all of their salaries to the people in need who are affected by the enhanced community quarantine. The Manila mayor also called for unity between the people and the government, saying that this is no time for a political argument.

On the other hand, many people also expressed their agreement with Mayor Isko. On Facebook, many netizens expressed their admiration for the 45-year-old mayor for speaking out the public’s mind amid the coronavirus crisis in the Philippines. Here’s what one netizen had to say:

“Buti pa si Yorme, alam na naghihirap ang mga tao dahil sa COVID-19. Mga tahimik ang senador, gobernador at mga kongresista. Nasaan kayo nayon. Kailangan ng taong bayan ang tulong niyo! Mahiya naman kayo kay mayor na ginagawa lang ang trabaho niya.”

Watch Mayor Isko’s moving speech below:

Do you also agree with Mayor Isko Moreno We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Imbes na Sustento Para sa Anak, sa Babae Napupunta ang Kita ng OFW na ito

7:22 PM
It is indeed heartbreaking to see parents neglecting their children. This is why radio announcer Raffy Tulfo is always eager to help children who are caught in a feud between their parents. Recently, two young complainants approached the show to ask help from Idol Raffy.
During “Wanted sa Radyo,” Juliena Dulay complained of her own father, Jun. Based on her accounts, their parents are both overseas Filipino workers in the Middle East. However, instead of finding work, their father has found another lover to replace her mother, Emily!

Instead of giving support to his children back home, the father ends up surrendering all of his income to his lover abroad. The irate Emily also revealed that her husband is paying for the rent and living costs of his lover.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To add insult to the injury, the woman even had the audacity to insult the legal wife. During the interview, Emily also revealed that her husband and her lover have embarrassed her by causing a ruckus in her workplace.

Will the father finally get what’s coming to him? Will the two siblings finally get their dues? Find out the rest of the story below:

Do you think this father should be deported? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on your favorite celebrities, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

Usap-Usapan Ngayon ang Kapansin-Pansin na Kakaiba sa Dibdib ni Arci Muñoz

6:52 PM

Recently, Kapamilya actress Arci Muñoz graced an interview on “Tonight With Boy Abunda.” Right at the start of the late-night talk show, Boy Abunda couldn’t help but notice something new about the 30-year-old actress’ appearance.

The host asked Arci about her latest chest piercing. This tiny yet noticeable piercing is made even more obvious because of Arci’s plunging neckline. Adorned with a sparkling stone, we’re sure that it will surely attract people’s gaze.

During the interview, Arci revealed that even Piolo Pascual thought twice about her piercing. Apparently, the matinee idol mistakenly thought it was only a sticker. To his surprise, Arci told him that it was a gem embedded into her chest.

Tito Boy, on the other hand, thought that Arci’s piercing looked lovely. And indeed, as simple as it is, it definitely complimented the actress’ body. However, not all people have the same impression of her piercing.

While it might look appealing to others, there are several people who were not impressed. For some netizens, the actress’ chest piercing might cause health hazards in the future. Most of her fans on Facebook also expressed their concern about Arci’s new piercing.

“Puro na retoke ‘yang babae na ‘yan…dati gusto ko sya ngayon hindi na kasi ‘di sya makontento sa bigay ni God na ganda nya…puro na siya surgery sa buong katawan.”

What do you think of Arci’s new piercing? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on your favorite celebrities, feel free to follow us on Facebook.