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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Habang Nagre-Renovate, May Nahukay Silang Bata na 140 Years na Palang Nakabaon sa Bahay!

7:57 PM

How well do you know your own home? Even though they practically live in it every day, most homeowners do not know the history of their houses. Sometimes, they only uncover the history of their house when they undergo a renovation. This is precisely the case of Ericka Karner from California, United States, who discovered something unbelievable in her home.

According to a report published in Rachfeed, Karner wanted to renovate her home in San Francisco. So, she hired a couple of workers to get the work started. However, their construction work was halted after making a big discovery in Ericka's home! While digging the concrete floor, the workers unearthed a small coffin.

Inside the small coffin was the body of a toddler. At first, the homeowner and the workers were shocked at this discovery. Ever Ericka did not know that there was a child buried underneath her home. But history will soon unravel the mystery surrounding the child.

According to NTD Television, the child's identity remained a mystery at first, so they named her 'Miranda.' Soon enough, Miranda's identity was unraveled. After a year of reviewing old records dating back to the 1800s, they were finally able to solve the mystery.

The non-profit organization called Garden of Innocence identified the body as that of Edith Howard Cook, who was 2 years and 10 months when she passed away. According to the medical records, Edith, who was the first-born of an affluent couple, passed away due to severe malnourishment way back on October 13, 1876.

Edith's identity was confirmed through a DNA test. But how did her body end up in Ericka's home? Apparently, in the past, the land where Ericka's house was built used to be the Odd Fellows Cemetery. In the 1930s, the bodies were relocated, but it seems like Edith's coffin was missed.

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