Thursday, December 29, 2022

Kind-Hearted "Kargador" Saves Tips from Customers So He Can Do This During Christmas

As the old adage goes, it's better to give than to receive. This saying is especially true this Christmas season. Most of us are looking forward to receiving presents from our loved ones, but the true spirit of Christmas lies in the act of giving.

This is the inspirational lesson we can learn from the story of this good Samaritan named Aniceto Lorhenz. Most people saved money to buy gadgets or to travel, but this kindhearted man had a charitable cause for saving his earnings.

Aniceto works as a "kargador," or porter in a public market. Sometimes, his satisfied customers gives him cash tips on a daily basis. But instead of keeping it, the generous porter decided to save all of the tips he had since September.

Instead of spending it all for himself, the generous man decided to help others in need. Aniceto used his entire savings to share his blessings to the less fortunate people. According to him, he owed a lot to the people who are giving him tips, that's why it's only logical to give back to others.

On Facebook, Aniceto was quoted as saying:

"Shout out po sa lahat ng nagbigay sa akin ng tip at pamasko. Ito po ang naipon ko mula September. Gusto ko po i-share ang blessings ko at gusto ko po ipaalam na hindi lang ako ang nabigyan niyo pati sila kaht sa maliit na bagay lang sana kahit papaano nakapag-share ako sa mga taong walang makain.”

Aside from that, the good Samaritan also expressed his gratitude to the people who tipped him. Ever since he saved his tips starting on September, he has saved more than PHP 20,000!

Because of the blessings he received, Aniceto decided to shower it to others that's why he gave food and gifts to poor people. He also said that poverty is not a hindrance if you're really determined to lend a helping hand:

"Sa mga customer na nagbigay sa akin ng tip at pamasko, salamat sa inyo. Naka-ipon ako ng 20k mahigit. Dahil dyan, gusto ko po i -hare ang blessings na binigay niyo sa akin ngayong pasko. Gusto po ipaalam sa inyo na hindi lang ako ang natulungan niyo. Marami po kami kaya maraming salamat po. Papakita ko po sa inyo kung anong plano ko ditto. Ayaw ko solohin ito. Hind hadlang ang kahirapan para makatulong sa kapwa lalo na ngayong Christmas.”