Thursday, December 29, 2022

Jhong Hilario Goes Viral After Doing This to Lucky Children of Streetboys

Christmas is a special day when friends and family reunite with one another. During this once-in-a-year event, loved ones bond over their sumptuous "noche buena" and catch up on each other's life by swapping stories. Of course, our celebrities also do not want to miss out on this fun.

Among them is the dance group Streetboys, who took advantage of this holiday season to have a grand reunion. This dance group was popular way back in the 90's with members like Jhong Hilario, Vhong Navarro, Danilo Barrios, and Nicko Manalo. They were reunited this year by their manager, Chito Rono.

Back in the days, the Streetboys are one of the most popular dance groups in the Philippines. But eventually, after years of relishing on their fame, each of the member went on to pursue different paths in life. Today, most of them already have their own family and kids.

During their grand reunion, the Streetboys members also brought along their kids to join the fun. Of course, a Christmas party slash mini reunion will not be complete without cash and gifts! One of the Streetboys member, Jhong Hilario, acted as Christmas Santa to the children of his friends.

In a video shot by Danilo Barrios, the 42-year-old "It's Showtime" host can be seen giving aguinaldo to the children during their reunion. To add more fun, Jhong made the children choose between the "ampao" or red money envelopes. Inside the envelopes, the children were surprised with cash.

Danilo shared the video on Instagram and many people were touched by Jhong's generosity. People praised the "It's Showtime" host for showing kindness to the children of Streetboys. Indeed, it's not everyday that we get to see celebrities sharing their blessings to others.

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