Thursday, September 22, 2022

Taboo Student-Teacher Shows No Bounds As They End Up Married After 7 Years

If there’s a taboo that a lot of people agree on is that a teacher should never fall in love with a student. If a teacher and student is caught dating, it can result to the expulsion of the teacher. But what happens if you can’t help the way you feel?

Vinda Virginia had a crush on her highschool professor since the first time she laid her eye on him that one day she happened to pass by one of his class. She knew right then and there that he is “the one”.

She wanted to know this Teacher Erwin Pangalia of SMP Negeri 2 Tenga in Jakarta, Indonesia more.


Not long after that, she found out that she was not the only who has a crush on him.  Almost every girl in school wanted to be with Mr. Hot Teacher!

But that didn’t stop Vinda from getting what she wants. Every after school  after classes to ask the teacher questions until they became close. Eventually, he also fell in love with her.

They started dating in 2011, despite what other people are saying. Even if they had to brave all the anger and bashing of the people around them, they stood firm with their love and loved each other.

After 7 years

Just this year, they proved to everybody that there should be no hindrances if your love is true and unconditional.

Vinda shared her happiness on Facebook saying that Erwin is her prince who is her first and last love.

“Erwin is my prince, my first love, and also my last one.”