Saturday, September 17, 2022

"Subra ka naman " Dennis Padilla, Nag react sa isang vlog ni Karen Davilla at pinasinungalingan ang pinagsasabi ni iginiit isa siyang provider simula pagkapanganak ni Julia Barretto:


Dennis Padilla, in one of his most recent Instagram post, asserted that he has been a provider ever since his daughter, Julia Barretto, was born.

The comedian made this assertion after Karen Davila interviewed Julia where the latter made statements about her estranged father about “needing more love from him.”

In the subsequent post of the comedian, he posted a question for Julia on what was she talking about, adding that his daughter is making him look useless. 

“Julia.... Since you were born... Ako ang provider... What are you talking about?????” Dennis wrote. 

 He then told his daughter that when she started acting in Kokey, the comedian and Julia’s mom, Marjorie Barretto, were already separated. 

“Nung mag artista ka sa kokey... Hiwalay na kmi....” the comedian wrote. 

Dennis then deplored the fact that Julia seems to make him appear useless in the eyes of many. “You make me look useless... Sobra ka naman...” he said. 

The comedian then asked Karen to interview him too so that the story wouldn’t be one-sided. 

“Karen... You need to interview me para klaro.... @iamkarendavila... You better interview ME... para di one sided.... Wag ganun!!! @iamkarendavila,” Dennis wrote.

The award-winning journo has since replied to the post of Dennis, saying that she already sent him a private message.