Monday, September 12, 2022

Reklamo ng netizen tungkol sa hollowblock ng isang bagong gawang bahay, viral online!

If you are a person who was born without a silver spoon in the mouth, it is no doubt you know every struggle of a normal Filipino citizen is. Those who fights for a day in the name of survival, and can not afford to secure anything other than the food that they can feed on their hungry stomach.

It will a great dream to own a stable life that does not worry on short supplies and money. To have a warm and cozy house that will keep you safe everyday.

And while you are still working towards your biggest goal, let us see this certain post from a netizen that caught thousands of attention online.

Apparently, someone seems to fulfill their hope of having their dream house.

But the catch is, something is evidently bothering on the whole structure of his house's foundation.

The hollow blocks that are suppose to secure the house's strength seemed to be put in a wrong and dangerous way.

Unlike the typical intertwined style, the hollow blocks were arranged vertically which feared the netizen and said it may easily collapse in one shake of an earthquake.

Comments say they agree on the netizen's concern but instead of becoming a thing for a one solid thought, the post itself caused discussion and arguments all around social media.

Turns out that some people have claimed that this kind of structure is definitely okay. Weird right?

On a post from Most Trending PH, they wrote a short yet clear explanation, "This is just like the Ustock-bond design" of homes in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and America.

"While this design of the hollow blocks is not unique to some, it is still unavoidable for some to worry about the safety of the people living in the house."

On which side do you agree? What can you say about this story? Comment down all your thoughts below and let us have some discussions!