Thursday, September 15, 2022

Pinay OFW na sumasayaw sa Tiktok kasama ang kanyang amo, patok sa netizens!

Being an overseas Filipino worker takes a lot bravery and toughness. It is the kind of job where a lot of uncertainties comes in, such as am I going to have a good and decent employee? Or can I even bear the homesickness? Would I be able to survive the whole different out there?

And many many more.

And what is more risky is that beyond the doubts and the fear, once you got your ticket scheduled and your VISA approved, there is no way you can get back from your home in the Philippines, no matter how ugly the terms can get.

Thankfully, still many kind hearted employees are trying to erase the notion that working on a different country is a suicide mission.

Just like @tatzie_17's case, an OFW who shares her fun and adorable moment online with her "amo", a cheerful lady who often photo bombs on her selfies and joins dancing with her on Tiktok.

When a netizen named Shery Rose posted her Tiktok clip with her employer dancing to Tala on her Facebook account, many were happy that she landed on a good employer that cares for her will being genuinely. She even uploaded a video where her employer was holding a baby while still dancing along with @tatzie_17 on Tiktok.

It seems like @tatzie_17 and her employer have a such a good relationship and she might never felt homesick because the lady treats her like a family.

Meanwhile the netizens just let out a big #SanaALL #SanaLahat after witnessing the admirable bond she have with her employer, wishing that they would be under an equally chill and nice person like her.

Have you experienced working abroad? What was your unforgettable experience with your employer and the things you learned while coping up with their tradition? We would like to hear those kind of stories from you! Share us in the comment section below!


SOURCE: mostrendingph