Thursday, September 22, 2022

Insensitive Employers Let Maid Watch While They Eat At The Mall

The problem with rich people sometimes is that they feel so highly of themselves. They wouldn’t allow themselves to eat at the same table as their servants. A netizen witnessed this discrimination firsthand and decided to take a photo of it.

Entitled People

There is no denying that housemaids are often victims of maltreatment and discrimination, both here and abroad. Blame it on tradition or their sense of entitlement, many employers feel that just because they pay the maids a hefty salary, they have also earned the right to humiliate them and treat them badly.

Not to generalize, but there are many employers who think so highly of themselves and so lowly of their maids. They treat them without respect and often humiliate them in front of people.


In a post shared on Facebook by netizen Cey Budomo, he was at the mall when he saw a family eating at a restaurant. What caught his attention and caused him to seethe in anger was the fact that the family was earnestly eating while their housemaid was made to sit beside them and watch them eat.

We Filipinos are very hospitable and we highly value our Ethics and the way we treat other people. So, Budomo was aghast when he saw that the maid was left to watch and were not given any food while her employers are munching their meals.

Sound Advice

In his post, the irate netizen advised those people who have housemaids to treat their employees humanely and with kindness. He said that if the employers don’t intend to feed the maid, then it would be better not to allow them to join the table, for etiquette’s sake.

And for those people who just couldn’t treat their housemaids kindly, it would be better not to hire one. Because housemaids, poor as they are, are still human beings and deserve to be treated as such.