Saturday, September 17, 2022

Fans, Nagulat sa No-Makeup Transformation ni Jennylyn Mercado

Celebrities are always in the public's eye. Wherever they go, they are followed with cameras everywhere which create immense pressure to always look, but not necessarily feel, their best. Because of this, you rarely see other stars reveal their natural, no-makeup face in public. But Jennylyn Mercado is not just another celebrity.

No doubt, Jennylyn Mercado is one of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry. Her fans have witnessed Jen bloom from a girl-next-door to a mature woman. Now, at 32 years old and a mother of one, Jennylyn is still as beautiful as ever!

Just recently, the Kapuso actress decided to show her bare face in a collaboration with Preview magazine. In an episode of 'Barefaced Beauty,' the 32-year-old actress proudly flaunted her bare face in front of the camera. As Jen warned, her face is truly different without makeup.

"Magugulat kayo iba yung itsura ko pag walang make-up."

As you may well know, Jennylyn is currently working on the remake of the hit Korean series "Descendants of the Sun." Because of their endless shooting, Jen is always wearing makeup almost 24/7, so taking them off is really a huge relief.

According to Jen, in order to maintain her youthful glow, she only uses organic skincare products on her face. She doesn't like using harsh chemicals, as they react strongly against her sensitive skin. In the video, she used coconut oil to remove her heavy makeup.

As expected, Jen looked as if she's years younger without heavy makeup on. Indeed, one can only wish to achieve her glass-like skin, which is also the product of years of carefully-prepped skincare regime.

Watch her bare-faced beauty challenge below:

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