Friday, September 16, 2022

Dr. Vicki Belo Ipinaliwanag kung bakit ang apilyedo ng anak na si Scarlet ay Belo at hindi Kho

Dr. Vicki Belo Explains Why Scarlet Is A Belo, And Not A Kho: 'Daddy Promised' 

Celebrity dermatologist and mom Dr. Vicki Belo is known to call her endorsers, including her family members, her “Belo babies,” but she says that only Scarlet Snow Belo is her real Belo Baby.

In her interview on YouTube with vlogger and manager Ogie Diaz, Vicki reveals that Scarlet was actually a request from her then partner and now husband, Dr. Hayden Kho. “Si Scarlet, hiningi ko ‘yan kay Hayden, eh. I told Hayden, can I have a Belo baby?”

While the famed doctor to the stars has always called her celebrity clients her Belo babies, she never had a real Belo baby, because her children carry her ex-husband’s last name. And she actually asked Hayden for consent if Scarlet could carry her last name.

“Hindi alam ng tao na I told him, ‘Hayden, can I have a Belo baby? I don't have a real Belo baby because my Quark and Cristalle are Henares... namiss ko childhood ng mga anak ko. I was in medical school. I missed their zero to six [years old]."

When Vicki and Hayden got married, Hayden mentioned his intention to add the Kho name into Scarlet’s official name.

Vicki says, “When we got married, Hayden said, ano, Kho na ‘tong si Scarlet? Hindi! Sabi mo sa’kin Belo Baby, so Belo baby forever!” Vicki shares that sometimes, Scarlet would be the one to add Kho to her name, but in her birth certificate and all other legal documents, it’s all Belo.

Scarlet has always been aware of her name, even back in 2017, when Vicki posted this adorable video of Scarlet on her Instagram account, with Scarlet exclaiming that she was just “Scarlet Belo ONLY!” when her dad Hayden suggested to include his last name into her name.

You will hear in the background that Vicki says, “Because Daddy promised, right?” And Hayden is a father who keeps his word!