Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Boyfriend Nadulas! Ibang Pangalan ang Nabanggit Habang Kausap si Girlfriend!

How would you feel if your significant other refers to you with the wrong name when you're alone together? Well, what about if he does it on national TV with millions watching? I bet there's going to be a long, heated discussion when the two of you gets home, right?

But when it happened on the popular set of Wowowin, at least we all could get a big laugh out of it! You know how Kuya Wil does it-- he asks contestants who went with them to the studio, and then asks whoever it is to dedicate a message for their loved one. This scene wasn't any different. Cris was a contestant for Willie of Fortune, and her beloved boyfriend went to support him in the studio.

Instead of being all tender and romantic, though, the guy's message became all sorts of confusing and hilarious. That's because this poor lad mentioned the wrong name in his dedication to the contestant! He ought to have called her Cris, which was her real name, but he ended up blurting a different name: "Michelle."

Of course, everybody wanted to know who "Michelle" was, and Kuya Wil was only too happy to oblige. He didn't really mind extending a few minutes to get the whole story here. I mean, who wouldn't? So the guy started to explain, in between laughs, which just made the situation even funnier for everyone on studio, and surely for everyone watching at home, too!

It might be a little concerning to some, though, especially when the young man revealed that "Michelle" was actually his friend's wife! He couldn't answer why he blurted out that name, though! Well, we could always blame it on the nerves associated with being in front of the camera, but would you really make a mistake in saying your girlfriend's name?

Whatever it is, though, I'm sure Cris and Michelle got the whole story straight when they left the studio and arrived home! Talk about awkward, though, right?

Watch the full segment here:

Source: GMA