Monday, September 12, 2022

Ang nakakaiyak ngunit prangkang mensahe ni Ruffa sa kanyang ina, nagpa aliw sa mga netizens!

You wanna talk about solid Mother and Daughter bonding? Well, aside from many celebrities that showed they have such unbreakable relationship, people would always have this certain two people in mind whenever we tall about a strict mom and quite a rebellious child story; the very iconic Annabelle and Ruffa Gutierrez.

And everybody loves them! Because admit it or not, many of us can relate to their usual epic scenarios of Ruffa sneaking out just hang out with her friends late at night or to have a dat with her boyfriend, or just simply Annabelle nagging aroung because Ruffa did not manage to do the task Annabelle assigned her to do.

And that’s what made the two an unforgettable duo, especially Mommy Anabelle Rama.

Most feared by many because of her sharp choice of words whenever commenting, Annabelle is still a wonderful mom to her five kids.

On a recent Instagram post of Ruffa, the eldest child of Annabelle and Eddie Gutierrez, she shared a short appreciation post for her mom who is her bestfriend and her soldier.

"To my dearest Mom, Even if you’re sometimes very loud or super frank, to me you will always be the greatest Mom in the whole wide world! Cheers to more bonding moments like these!" Ruffa wrote on her post, attaching several photos of her and Annabelle showing how close they are together.

It was never hidden that Annabelle is the type of mom who does anything to protect her children at any costs, especially if its about Ruffa's heartbreaks.

Many netizens showcased their support for the two, saying they will always be their favorite forever-bickering mom and daughter tandem.

Do you admire Ruffa and Annabelle's relationship as well? Well, either you do or you don’t, we stil can not deny the fact that Annabelle was able to raised her children very well. What can you say about this story? Comment down below!